How to invest in 2018 and avoid bankruptcy

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  1. 1. How to invest in 2018 and avoid bankruptcy By Suzzanne Uhland Image courtesy of Lukas at
  2. 2. We all know that next year will not be easy for many companies in our country, and that, certainly, our economy will suffer many more problems. This means bankruptcy everywhere. For this reason, during the next year, we must all make thorough decisions regarding investments. It is important to know in which business to invest next year so as not to be part of the hard statistics to come. In this post, you will be able to find some sectors of the market in which there will be good financial possibilities. How to invest in 2018 and avoid bankruptcy
  3. 3. Wall Street has kept rising and beating record highs. The Dow Jones has risen almost eleven percent so far this year; the Standard & Poor's 500, almost ten percent and the NASDAQ, around seventeen percent. This has led to alarms firing on a possible US stock bubble. For this reason, it is good to consider other alternatives. More than a matter of fashion, betting on a healthy diet is a must for all people who want to live well. 2018 seems to be the year of maturation of the healthy and alternative food market. More and more people are intolerant to gluten and lactose and that privilege a diet without animal-derived products. If you are thinking about betting on a business linked to catering, a healthy food brand seems to be a great option in the coming year. How to invest in 2018 and avoid bankruptcy
  4. 4. Cryptocurrencies are still talking about and I think they can be a good investment option for this coming year 2018. In the world of cryptocurrencies, there are those who are dedicated to mining, others to buy and sell and others simply take advantage of their popularity to invest and get some returns on your capital. Without a doubt, Bitcoin is one of the most recognized cryptocurrencies, especially since it was a pioneer. At that time its value was not as high as it is today, and most could not wait for the quote to reach the figures that the virtual currency has at present. How to invest in 2018 and avoid bankruptcy
  5. 5. Despite the fall in the price of this virtual currency a few months ago, for everyone's peace of mind, it is stable again, and, in fact, it has continued to rise recently. Yes, there is something that is clear is that even with the uncertainty that Bitcoin may cause at some moments, it still has a bullish path and it can be a very profitable option to invest in 2018. There is no doubt that Bitcoin is positioned as a leader in the ranking of the best cryptocurrencies to invest next year. Recommended: Warren Buffett's Advice for Investing During Trump's Presidency How to invest in 2018 and avoid bankruptcy
  6. 6. Online credit and loan companies are also a good option. Requesting a loan from a bank involves high-interest rates, collecting many requirements and waiting several days for it to be approved. On the other hand, online credit and loan companies only need some data to approve the request made. In addition, the money is granted in a matter of minutes, which makes this modality the preferred option of the applicants. As with banking entities, online currency exchange transactions are increasingly used by customers of these organizations due to the advantages that this service provides them: Making transactions from the comfort of the home or office, avoiding make long lines to be attended, exposing to carry cash, among others. Consequently, the profitability of the online service of this exchange is increasingly sustainable for these centers. How to invest in 2018 and avoid bankruptcy
  7. 7. The development of mobile apps still has a lot of potentials. Although this market has its pros and cons, it is undoubtedly a sector in which you can invest and emerge victoriously. Although there are many free apps with good performance, users tend to be more and more demanding, so paid applications are a win. Of course, it must be a really useful and exclusive service to be able to stand out from the sea of competition in which nothing. On the other hand, you can also earn a lot of money by developing apps for companies or placing advertising in free apps. How to invest in 2018 and avoid bankruptcy
  8. 8. Investing is one of the best activities to make money, especially if you bet on a market as successful as the financial one. Regardless of the platform used, the number of investors will always be in crescendo, so the profitability of this type of negotiation will be beneficial as long as a good strategy is used. The web system of public tenders is also a good investment opportunity. Being an auction open to the public, the award of contracts through a web system allows anyone to witness the negotiation, thus ensuring the transparency of the process. This service sustains its profitability in the trust it generates in the bidders, who can have access to the bids of all state entities and a management panel, with personalized proposals, clients, warehouse control, among other things, by paying a monthly subscription. How to invest in 2018 and avoid bankruptcy
  9. 9. Remember that these market sectors have companies with which your organization could have mergers. This is also a form of investment to avoid bankruptcy. Read also: Some forecasts about Mergers and Acquisitions for 2018, by Suzzanne Uhland How to invest in 2018 and avoid bankruptcy