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Yuanzhen Wang. How to install CGAL. What is CGAL. Computational Geometry Algorithms Library Provide easy access to efficient and reliable geometric algorithms in the form of a C++ library Current Version: 3.6.1 3.7-beta1 License Open Source OS Windows, Unix-like systems and MacOS X. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • How to install CGALYuanzhen Wang

    What is CGALComputational Geometry Algorithms LibraryProvide easy access to efficient and reliable geometric algorithms in the form of a C++ libraryCurrent Version: SourceOSWindows, Unix-like systems and MacOS X

    What does CGAL offersData structures & AlgorithmsTriangulationsMesh generationGeometry ProcessingMore on this link:

    How to install CGALPrerequisitesCompilersCmakeBoost/BoostproMiscellaneous ( like QT)Configuring CGALCompiling

    PrerequisitesCompilerVisual Studio 2005 and/or Visual Studio 2008CmakeA cross-platform softwareGenerate project solution file for different platformse.g. .sln file for Visual Studio; make file in linuxBoostPowerful library for extending the C++ STL

    CMakeDownload min

    BoostProDownload hoursDepends onnetwork speed

    Configuring CGALReboot before configuring CGALOpen Cmake-guiChoose where is the CGAL source codeChoose where to put the project solution files

    Configuring CGALClick configureCmake will pop-up a windows to let you choose your compiler.

    Configuring CGALHopefully, everything is OK. And you will seeConfiguring done

    Configuring CGALHowever, it's possible to see some error information.e.g. can not find BOOST_INCLUDE_DIRYou have to add this entry manually.Click add entryInput the entry's name showed in the error messageChoose type of that entryGive value to that entry

    Configuring CGALThen click Configure again.The Generate button should be available now.

    Configuring CGALGo the directory which is input at the first step.The .sln solution file should be there.

    Compiling CGALSimply open the CGAL.sln file.Choose Rebuild all

    Compiling CGALRebuid INSTALLseparatelyIt completes two jobs:Copy source codesCopy compiled libs

    Were done!



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