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Yuanzhen Wang. How to install CGAL. What is CGAL. Computational Geometry Algorithms Library Provide easy access to efficient and reliable geometric algorithms in the form of a C++ library Current Version: 3.6.1 3.7-beta1 License Open Source OS Windows, Unix-like systems and MacOS X. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>How to install CGALYuanzhen Wang</p><p>What is CGALComputational Geometry Algorithms LibraryProvide easy access to efficient and reliable geometric algorithms in the form of a C++ libraryCurrent Version: SourceOSWindows, Unix-like systems and MacOS X</p><p>What does CGAL offersData structures &amp; AlgorithmsTriangulationsMesh generationGeometry ProcessingMore on this link: </p><p>How to install CGALPrerequisitesCompilersCmakeBoost/BoostproMiscellaneous ( like QT)Configuring CGALCompiling</p><p>PrerequisitesCompilerVisual Studio 2005 and/or Visual Studio 2008CmakeA cross-platform softwareGenerate project solution file for different platformse.g. .sln file for Visual Studio; make file in linuxBoostPowerful library for extending the C++ STL</p><p>CMakeDownload min</p><p>BoostProDownload hoursDepends onnetwork speed</p><p>Configuring CGALReboot before configuring CGALOpen Cmake-guiChoose where is the CGAL source codeChoose where to put the project solution files </p><p>Configuring CGALClick configureCmake will pop-up a windows to let you choose your compiler.</p><p>Configuring CGALHopefully, everything is OK. And you will seeConfiguring done</p><p>Configuring CGALHowever, it's possible to see some error information.e.g. can not find BOOST_INCLUDE_DIRYou have to add this entry manually.Click add entryInput the entry's name showed in the error messageChoose type of that entryGive value to that entry</p><p>Configuring CGALThen click Configure again.The Generate button should be available now.</p><p>Configuring CGALGo the directory which is input at the first step.The .sln solution file should be there. </p><p>Compiling CGALSimply open the CGAL.sln file.Choose Rebuild all</p><p>Compiling CGALRebuid INSTALLseparatelyIt completes two jobs:Copy source codesCopy compiled libs</p><p>Were done!</p><p>***********************</p></li></ul>