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How to Increase Likes on Your Facebook Fan Page

How to Increase Likes on Your Facebook Fan Page

Focus on MarketingRunning a business?You have to focus on marketing to spread the word about it.

Let people know about your business and offers.

Make People Notice Your BusinessHow can you make people pay attention to your business?

In this crowded business landscape, it's not easy.

In fact, it is a daunting task.

Embrace Social Media MarketingThese days, you can't keep social media out of your marketing procedure.

Social media marketing provides your business with better exposure and branding opportunities.

Why Use Facebook for MarketingAmong the social networks for marketing, Facebook rules the roost these days.

Facebook offers an excellent platform to reach out to millions of present and potential customers of your business.

Number of Monthly Active Facebook Users

during the first quarter of 2016

1.65 billion

Exposure through FacebookSo, it is extremely important to use Facebook for reaching out to customers in a more effective manner.

Facebook is an excellent platform for rending exposure to your business.

Benefits of Using Facebook MarketingGet more exposure among your target audience.Receive better returns on investments.Reduce expenses on marketing.Enhance brand loyalty.Collect leads in a more effective manner.Increase traffic to the website.

Use Facebook for Marketing?How can you use Facebook for marketing?

There are, in fact, various ways to do it.

For example, Facebook ads are quite popular among marketers.

But if you are looking to go for excellent returns on a low investment, nothing can beat a Facebook business page.

Get the Best ResultsPlanning to use the Facebook business page to generate leads?

You need to grow your fan base on the platform.

Its not extremely difficult.

All you need to do is follow a few proper steps.

So, how can you increase your Facebook business page likes?

1# Update the Page DetailsKeep your Facebook business page ready for the visitors.

Ensure that those who are landing there can find every detail on the page.

What shall You Update?The visitors to your Facebook business page usually looks for:So, its important that you keep all these updated.

the profile imagethe cover photothe summary, displaying a short business descriptionthe featured photos and links

Post Regular UpdatesDid you know?41% people like a Facebook page to get regular updates from the brand they want to follow.

2# Be Quite ActiveWant to attract the attention of the fans to your Facebook business page?

You have to be quite active on the platform then.

It is essential that you respond to the queries and requirements of your audience on a regular basis.

3# Respond FastEnsure that you're posting on your Facebook business page on a daily basis.

If there is any comment or feedback from the audience, ensure that you reply to them as soon as possible.Any conversation happening on your Facebook page? Join it and add value.


4# Post Engaging ContentTo increase Facebook likes, you have to make your page engaging.

And what's the best way to do that?Keep the posts short.

Make them engaging.

Share content that keeps your audience captivated.

What Kind of Content to Post?Marketing on Facebook?Post these contents on the platform.

Text Images Videos Quotes Memes Blog posts

5# When are you posting?Already started posting on Facebook?

Know the right time to post.

You can find out the optimum time to post on your Facebook business page through a trial and error method.

You can also use the Facebook Page Insights to know the time when the posts get maximum engagement.

6# Derive Likes From Your Blog Do you write blogs on a regular basis and post them on your website?

Blogging surely is a great form of marketing your business.

Why dont you drive your blog audience to increase Facebook likes?

7# Use Widgets from Your BlogIs there any way to drive the audience from your blog to get more likes on the Facebook business page?

Yes, For this, youll need a Facebook Widget on your blog.

If any person likes a post on your blog and clicks on the Facebook widget,hell be liking your Facebook business page without leaving the blog interface.

8# Tickle Your Audiences Competitive BonePeople love to compete.

Why dont you leverage on this?

You can arrange contests on your Facebook business page.

If the audience love the way you present the contests, they might like your Facebook page as well.

9# Facebook Contests are PopularDid you know?35% people like a Facebook page to participate in the contests held on the page.

Hold Regular ContestsSo, holding contests on a regular basis is quite important.

Reward the winners or at least mention their names on the Facebook page. Remember, people love to see their names in the winning list.

People will love to return to your Facebook page to participate in the contests.

10# Add Some ValueValue addition for the customers is a must for any business.

What value are you offering your audience through your Facebook page?

There are various ways through which you can add value to your customers.

What are these ways?

11# Coupons are really important!Did you know?42% people like a Facebook page to get a coupon or a discount

So, you should start giving out the discount coupons from your companys business Facebook page.

12# Request Facebook Group Members to Like the PageDo you have a group on the topic your business deals with?

If you dont, create one.

Invite people to join the group. Engage in discussions with them.

Ask them to like your Facebook business page.

Lure them with more information and statistics on the page.

13# Drive Traffic from Your WebsiteGo beyond the Facebook like button.

Install the Facebook Like boxes on your website and blog.

How can these Facebook Like boxes help?

The visitors can use them to like your Facebook page right from the website, without having to go over to Facebook.

14# Use Explainer VideosWhat's the landing page for your Facebook business page?

Spice it up with an explainer video.

Ensure that the video is attractive and, at the same time, informsthe uninitiated about your business.

This is going to serve two purposes:

It will create brand awareness.It will also entice the potential customers to view and like your Facebook page.

15# Leverage the Power of ImagesRemember, a picture speaks a thousand words.

Ensure that youre leveraging the power of images.

Have any image related to your business?

Upload them to the Facebook business page.

They are sure to attract the attention of your Facebook page visitors.

16# Ask Fans to Share the ImagesEncourage your fans on Facebook to tag themselves in the images.

Thus, it will appear on their walls. So, their friends will be able to view these images.

The pictures will help your business get more exposure.

So, more people will like your Facebook business page.

17# Partner with Another Similar PageHave you found any other page dealing with your business niche?

Why not form a partnership with them?

Come to an agreement to cross-promote each others posts.

This can be a symbiotic relationship benefitting both of you.

The result: rising traffic to your Facebook page and, in turn, increase in likes as well.

18# Embrace Email Marketing As WellHave several email contacts?

Inform them about your Facebook page. Ask them to like it.

You can also add the address of your Facebook page on your email signature.

In short, make full use of your email to spread the word about your Facebook business page.

This is surely going to draw a lots of likes for the Facebook page.

19# Make Use of Your Top Five PostsYou must have already posted lots of things on your Facebook business page.

How are they performing?

Find it out from the Facebook Page Insights.

Select top five kinds of posts, which are inspiring maximum engagement.

Follow a similar line like those for your next few posts on the Facebook page.

Following the tried and tested results will surely give you great results.

20# Share Your Webinar DetailsIs Webinar a major marketing tool for your business?

You must use it for increase likes on the Facebook business page then.

Post all details about the webinar on your Facebook page.

Once the webinar is over, share your experience about the same with your target audience through the Facebook page.

Own a Facebook page for your business?

It's essential to have a high number of likes on it to reach out to more existing and potential customers.

You might find it difficult to increase the number of likes on your Facebook business page.

But these tips can help you achieve your target in terms of the number of likes of Facebook business page within a short time.

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