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  1. 1. Brushing your hair on a regular basis is a handy and effective method to speed up hair growth. Stylists recommend the brushes made of boars hair to brush your hair both in the morning and evening. Dry out your hair before brushing because wet hair is prone to breakage easier than when it is dried. Brush your hair to increase hair growth
  2. 2. A mixture of essential oils such as peppermint, almond and rosemary oils is great to massage your scalp. It is known that these oils rejuvenate and stimulate the hair growth cycle. just use your fingers to rub the scalp with circular motions and gentle pressure for about 4-5 minutes every day. Apart from increasing the blood flow, it will help you to relax and put your thoughts in order.
  3. 3. Mix together a mixture of cayenne pepper (3 oz) and vodka (50ml) and rub onto the scalp to stimulate and grow your hair
  4. 4. The foods rich in proteins (salmon, eggs, almonds, tuna) and sulfur (onion, broccoli, cabbage, garlic) are beneficial for hair growth and improve the overall health.
  5. 5. HAIR GROWTH FACTS The growth rate of the human hair is about 6 inches throughout one year. This pace greatly depends on the individuals lifestyle, diet, health issues, medications, and stress level.
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