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Webinar is a great way to get engaged with your potential attendees. These slides give you an action plan in hosting a webinar. Presentation made by Editorial Team Townscript


  • 1. How to host your Webinar? Powered By Townscript
  • 2. What is a Webinar ? Webinar is a seminar, presentation, lecture, workshop or that is transmitted over the webusingvideo conferencing software. A key feature of a Webinar is its interactive elements - the ability to give, receive and discuss information. Webinar is also used for video streaming (livestream), tele conferencing, net meeting and webcasting. Hosting a free webinar has been a great strategy by organisers to build brand and growing their email list. It is one of the best strategies of growing your attendee email list. Read also: Why you shouldnt use a purchased email database?
  • 3. Organizing a Webinar 3 Step - 1 Use an Event Registration tool like to do registrations for your free or paid webinar. Step - 2 Fetch the email ids of all the registered attendees from your event registration tool Step - 3 Use a webinar tool like Gotomeeting and send invites to all the registered attendees. Step - 4 Host the webinar for the registered attendees on a tool like GoToMeeting
  • 4. Hosting a webinar (Step- 4) ! There are many free webinar tools that you can use to host your webinar. Some of them are ( GoToMeeting, brightTALK, Adobe Connect, and WebEx are some of the most used tools) GoToMeeting also known as GoToWebinar in case of webinars is a highly used tool, so We will explain how to host a webinar on GoToMeeting in the next slides. 4
  • 5. Go to Fill out Details and click on continue
  • 6. Create a Password
  • 7. Click on Launch GoToWebinar
  • 8. Click on Schedule a webinar
  • 9. Fill Out the Details
  • 10. Focus on Recommended Steps
  • 11. ! After Competition of above steps Click on Start
  • 12. Start Webcam and choose the screen you want to show to your webinars attendee It will allow your attendee to see your screen Here you can decide the way you want to transmit your voice Check your dash board Conduct Live Polls Ask Live Question Check Attendance Live chat with staff or Attendee After clicking on Start A software would download and you will reach to