How to Help Your Child Make Friends

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Social skills for your child.


<ul><li><p>Success at SchoolHow To Help Your Child Make Friends</p><p>Few things cause our children more joy and anguish than friendships. When friendships are going well, children are on top of the worldfull of self-confidence, excitement and happiness. But when friendships go sour (and they nearly always do), kids can dissolve into tears and depression.There are some things you can do, however, to help your child make good friends and work through the issues that will most certainly arise.Teach your child to have a listening ear. Kids need to talk and feel like somebody cares about what they are feeling. Explain to your child that the best way to have a friend is to be a friend, and that means taking the time to find out how their friends are feeling. The simple social skill of really listening to others will help them make friends now and for the rest of their lives. Encourage them to learn to ask questions that draw others out, such as, How is your day going so far? or You seem a little upset today. Is something bothering you? Learning this skill will not only help your child make friends, but it will also help them have deeper and more fulfilling relationships with those friends.Encourage your children to invite friends to your home. Children are much more at ease in their own homes. And the more relaxed they are, the easier it will be for them to interact with others. If the only time your child sees her friends is at school, she may not be able to establish solid friendships. Open your home to her friends. You can make it inviting by making sure they have a comfortable place to watch movies, eat snacks, play games and just relax. </p><p> 1 of 2</p></li><li><p>Help your child work through friendship troubles. You can bet on it: there will be times of turmoil in your childs friendships. The best course of action to take when this happens is to remain calm yourself. Think back through your life and realize that friendship struggles are normal and even though they were painful, you lived through them. The first step is to acknowledge your childs pain and frustration. Let them talk it out and vent their feelings. Then, if the person at fault is your child, talk to her about what she could have done differently so that she will not make the same mistake next time. If an apology is in order, encourage her to apologize as soon as possible. If the person at fault is the friend, help your child understand that friends character and what led to the problem. Explain to her that everyone makes mistakes and forgiveness is always the best response. If this friend has hurt your child repeatedly, then it may be a good idea to talk this over with your child, helping her to understand that she may need to be more guarded and cautious around that friend, to protect herself.Related Articles:</p><p>Tips To StudyMath Homework SkillsHow To Reduce the Cost of College TuitionHomeschooling For Working ParentsGMAT vs. GRE - Which One Should You Take?</p><p> 2 of 2</p></li></ul>