How to help your child become successful at reading!

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<p>Kindergarten Reading Readiness</p> <p>Kindergarten Reading ReadinessHow to help your child become successful at reading!Language ArtsBook and Print AwarenessLetters and Letter SoundsSyllablesBeginning, Middle and Ending Sounds Blends and DigraphsRhyming WordsBlending to Read Words Basic High Frequency WordsWriting Capital and Lowercase Letters Penmanship and Fine Motor SkillsWrite First and Last NameRead a Level4-6 BookComprehension</p> <p>DRA DRA2 is a reading assessment that determines your childs reading level. </p> <p>Most Kindergarteners are able to read a level A or 1 at the beginning of the year.</p> <p>By the end of Kindergarten, your child should be able to read a level 4-6.</p> <p>Level 4</p> <p>Level 6Strategies to help your child at homeLinking ChartWord wallWhat Can I do to help myself Strategy sheetFlash Cards- of sight words</p> <p>Speed To ReadPlease make sure youre logging books at home every night!(Comments)</p> <p>Reading PracticeWe will be sending home leveled reader books for reading practice very soon!Internet alphablocks, have fun teaching, leapfrog letter learning, Harry</p>