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<p>How to Grow your Business Using Social Media Marketing</p> <p>Growing your Practice through Social Media Marketing</p> <p>Susan BloomDirector of Marketing &amp; Donor Recruitment</p> <p>Fertility SOURCE CompaniesThe Donor SOURCEThe Surrogacy SOURCE</p> <p>1</p> <p>Disclosure Information Neither I, nor any member of my immediate family, have financial relationships to disclose, relevant to the content of this presentation I will not discuss off-label use of any drug or therapy</p> <p>What is Social Media?Its media (content that is published) with a social (anyone can add to it) component. It is a powerful strategy that will get you links, attention and massive amounts of traffic.The practice of creating compelling content from a marketing angle.</p> <p>Many forms of social media marketing including:BlogsNewslettersSocial NetworksFor this talk, Im only going to focus on Social Networks. LinkedIn &amp; FaceBook, and Twitter3</p> <p>Social media has grown exponentially</p> <p>Impact likely to continue being felt more deeply and broadly as time goes on</p> <p>ObjectiveAt a minimum, social relationship management needs to enable you to:Gain insight and information from across all social media touch-points and Leverage that informationTake action with consumers by engaging online and participating with them via communities and conversations</p> <p>Traditional Marketing vs Social Media Marketing</p> <p>7</p> <p>Marketers Doing Marketing Old School </p> <p>Old School Marketing8</p> <p>People Blocking Marketing</p> <p>Most of our old school marketing techniques are now being blocked by those very recipients were trying to reach! These methods are obsolete now.9</p> <p>Re-Thinking MarketingOutbound MarketingInbound MarketingTelemarketingTrade showsDirect mailEmail blastsPrint adsTV/Radio adsSEO / SEMBloggingSocial MediaRSSFree tools/trialsViral videos</p> <p>InterruptionPermission</p> <p>The best analogy I can come up with is that traditional marketers looking to garner interest from new potential customers are like lions hunting in the jungle for elephants. </p> <p>The elephants used to be in the jungle in the '80s and '90s when they learned their trade, but theydon't seem to be there anymore. They have all migrated to the watering holes on the savannah (the internet). </p> <p>So, rather than continuing to hunt in the jungle, I recommend setting up shop at the watering hole or turning your website into its own watering hole.10</p> <p>Benefits of Social Media MarketingNo other low-cost promotional methodThat will easily give you large numbers of visitors, some of whom may come back to your website again and again.Studies show:People are more likely to take action based on information in content In-boundThaninformation contained in advertising.Outbound</p> <p>Some other benefits of Social Media marketing11</p> <p>Why is it Important?Can help to grow a website very quickly under the right conditionsHelps with SEOPromotes your Blog (or newsletter)The conversation has already startedJOIN IT OR BE LEFT IN THE DUST!</p> <p>The conversation has already startedYou NEED to join it!12</p> <p>The Business LeadersFacebookLinkedInTwitter</p> <p>If I was to talk about all the social networks out there today, we would be here for a week.Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the most widely used (aside from U Tube which is a full day in itself).</p> <p>So for purposes of this talk, These are the ones I am going to focus on13</p> <p>Strategy Items to ConsiderWho is responsibleWhich networks to useHow your competition is using itWho your target isTypes of content that will be sharedFrequency of posts</p> <p>Dont learn as you goJumping in without a plan is a Waste of Time!!SM marketing reflects on your brandIf your brand seems clueless in SM, it may just look clueless, period!Have a strategy from the get-go</p> <p>Just because Steve owns a picture his buddy took of him getting sick after an all-night party doesnt mean hes going to frame it and put it out for his co-workers to admire. </p> <p>Dont add anything to your profile that you wouldnt display for your supervisors, co-workers and clients to see as theyre walking by your work environment.15</p> <p>Who is Responsible?Appoint single person or team for oversightAssign posting/comments to staffRotate for variation of posting/comment styles</p> <p>Which Networks to UseSearch out relevant networks (FB communities; LI groups) to join and comment onBecome the known industry expertChoose wiselyLook for networks that will give you the most bang for your buckBe aware of time necessary to make an impactChoose a few sites dont spread yourself so thin your posts are too infrequent</p> <p>How is your competition using it?No need to do everything your competition is doing</p> <p>Stand out examine their strategy, and emulate it with a twistCreate your own campaignsFind your own style</p> <p>Who is your target audience?Your target audience in social media isnt everyoneWho do you want to engage with?Existing patients?Potential patients?Professionals in related industries? Dont forget your referral base!Demographic specific target advertisingSearch for groups to comment on within Facebook and LinkedIn</p> <p>Types of content that will be sharedOnce your target audience is determined, content strategy can beginCan be a combination of: promotionalInformationalConversationalKey is to remember --- social media is about being social.DONT use it as another one-way medium to advertise!</p> <p>Frequency of postsVaries depending on many factorsAre you creating lots of great informational content?Share content every dayImportant to find the balancePost enough to be noticedNot too much to be considered annoyingFind the right mix appropriate to the needs of your followers</p> <p>22</p> <p>Statistics2004 = 4 college students launch Facebook from their Harvard dorm room. Originally only open to those who had a school e-mail. By Dec 04 - Nearly 1 million active users2006 opened up to business networking, then to the general public ; &gt;12 million active usersMar 2009 - &gt;200 million active users in 27 CountriesFeb 2012: Facebook jumps to 845 million users</p> <p>23</p> <p>Feb 2012: 845 million users*Statistics per Infographics and AnsonAlex.comJan 2013: Facebook remains the most powerful social media platform available with 1.1 Billion users</p> <p>Just read that as of Jan 2013 FB has 1.1 BILLION active users24</p> <p>Over 50% of the population in North American uses Facebook*Statistics per Infographics and</p> <p>More interesting Facebook Statistics*Statistics per Infographics and</p> <p>The social media giant has 425 million mobile users.57% of Facebook user are female (43% male).The average Facebook user spends 20 minutes on the site per visit.</p> <p>26</p> <p>To not take advantage of such powerful marketing tools would be like starting up a business and</p> <p>not unlocking the front door or activating your telephone service</p> <p>Creating a Company Page</p> <p>First things firstDetermine who will be the administratorCompany page must be linked to single profileThis should be the person chosen to oversee your social media campaign(s)Administrator should create a personal profileStrictly professional - with a bit of personal mixed in nothing you wouldnt put on your desk at work for all to seeInvite and accept professional friends ONLY</p> <p>Profile Details</p> <p>Choose a professional photo and cover photo to reflect your Brand</p> <p>Work Related Contact InfoPhone AddressWebsite(s)Email</p> <p>Profile Details</p> <p>Bio section should reflect your position at the company (with a marketing flair)</p> <p>What do I post?Concentrate your status updates on passively promoting your company</p> <p>*Photo credits: East Coast FertilityFacebook </p> <p>Post your own, or share status updates from your co-workers (or employees) relating to company events</p> <p>What do I post?</p> <p>Add LOTS of photos!</p> <p>Infiltrate into the FB Social sphere</p> <p>Search for beneficial pages to Like (promote)</p> <p>Actively Participate in Relevant CommunitiesLook for ACTIVE communities (fan pages) Likes and people talking about it</p> <p>6,028 / 214897 / 7519,180 / 96</p> <p>Once your professional profile is complete</p> <p>Youre Ready to Create a Company Page!</p> <p>How Do I start?Go to an existing company page to see the create page icon</p> <p>Choose what type of page to create</p> <p>This is also where you can create a cause or community page</p> <p>Admin InterfaceCreate a display adDecide if you will post as the company, or yourselfNote: 30 likes needed to begin accessing insights</p> <p>Assign &amp; Manage additional Admin</p> <p>Admin InterfacePrimary Admin can add multiple admins assign specific roles</p> <p>Company Profile ContentDesign your About page to passively promote your companyLink to your practice URLDont omit contact information Include satellite officesAdd lots of photosStaff photosEvent photosPatient baby picsLink your blog through networked blogs</p> <p>Customizing your Company PageConsider hiring a professional designer:Look for one that specializes in Social Media applicationsBrand your website theme across all social sitesPlace tracking code into pagesCreate custom app pages &amp; campaigns that link to websiteDesign FB ads </p> <p>With custom FB app pages that cross link back to your company websiteWelcomeMeet the TeamMake an ApptPhilanthropicVideosEventsContestsTestimonials</p> <p>*Photo credits: IVF NJ; Boston IVF</p> <p>Supercharge your SEO </p> <p>Call to Action CampaignsUse your philanthropic campaign to get likes and fansDonate $1 to (insert charity) for every like</p> <p>Promote!!!!! (friends; email contacts; patient DB; Referral Network, etc)</p> <p>2. Look for old co-workers and current connections. I found more contacts on Facebook this way than I did on LinkedIn. Former colleagues have Googled me, and after a few emails to catch up we dont communicate again. By adding these people to Facebook, I feel more connected to them without having to actively maintain a conversation via email. Look for business opportunities out of shared interests.</p> <p>3. Add friends selectively. Contrary to popular belief, Facebook isnt about collecting friends. Theres no reward for quantity, and you can have a rich experience on the platform with only a handful of connections. The quality of your Facebook experience will be based on the quality of the people in your network. Create a limited profile for those people that you are on the fence about whether to include. By default your limited profile contains everything in your full profile, so take the time to edit it down.</p> <p>46</p> <p>Example of a promotional contest</p> <p>Summing it upIncorporate the tools youre already using into your profileAdd the respective app, FB does the rest.Share your Blog automatically pushes your post to FB with Networked Blogs app (along with recent comments) Use Twitter app to get updates from your FB contacts without following their updates in Twitter itself. </p> <p>Incorporate the tools youre already using into your profile. Do you blog? Do you Twitter? Do you read feeds? There are FB apps available for all these services. If you already use these tools professionally, why not add them to your Facebook profile? </p> <p>After you add the respective app, you simply do what you were already doing and let the app do the work. You can see the Twitter updates from your Facebook contacts without necessarily following their updates in Twitter itself. If your blog is on, you can add the WordPress app and your posts will automatically be pushed to your Facebook profile, along with recent comments. If you dont host your blog with, you can easily use the built-in Notes application to post your blog feed as you publish. It will let your contacts know through your mini-feed when youve posted a new entry. Since your friends can edit their news feeds as easilly as you can, they can control how much of your life they really want to see.48</p> <p>49</p> <p>LinkedIn2002 - 2003 = LinkedIn.comStarted out in the living room of co-founder Reid Hoffman in the fall of 2002. Officially launched in 2003. By Dec 08 reached 88 Million usersPredominantly a Business oriented social network49% of its users are Top Level ProfessionalsOur target market!</p> <p>50</p> <p>Why Use LinkedIn Company Pages?Practice ReachConsumer AwarenessSearch Engine OptimizationLead GenerationRecruitment</p> <p>What makes LinkedIn different?Your extended networkLinkedIns core value proposition is simply this:The ability to answer the question</p> <p>Who do I know who knows and can recommend somebody that has a background in electronic medical records? is an expert in egg freezing procedures? is a good lawyer specializing in surrogacy law abroad? </p> <p>YOUR EXTENDED NETWORK</p> <p>Without LinkedIn, how do you do this? </p> <p>You either a) pick the most likely people in your network to know that kind of person, but you may still miss them because so often those connections arent necessarily obvious; or </p> <p>b) you contact everybody you know, which starts wearing thin if you do it a lot, since 99% of the people you ask wont be able to help. </p> <p>LinkedIn makes it so that you only ask the people who are likely to be able to help. Its like being able to search not only your own contact database, but those of your friends, and their friends, and then ask for the introduction when you find the right person.52</p> <p>How do we use LinkedIn?Business Development / Marketing / SalesSecrets LinkedIn can tell you about your customers / target prospectsRolodex substitute Online / Self ManagedUse Updates to announce eventsMarket your businessCareer Management / Personal BrandingBecome a recognized subject matter expert on LinkedInEnhance your profile with LinkedIn testimonials from colleagues or patients</p> <p>Secrets learn where your targeted prospect worked before and with whom. Do you know someone who knows them? This eases your pitching and is less intrusive for the prospect.</p> <p>rolodex. Because it is online and self-managed, LinkedIn offers a much more robust way of maintaining your business connections and seeing what they are up to. </p> <p>Warm Calling - get introduced to your targets through your current contacts.</p> <p>Market your business through a LI business page Last month, a prospective client contacted me who had found my profile on LinkedIn. The client was motivated to call me because of: The number and quality of my connections; The number and consistency of my endorsers and their comments about my experience and creative approach to Internet Marketing. The fact that the client and I were two degrees away from one another within LinkedIn, separated by mutual contacts we had. </p> <p>B - Branding - Becoming a recognized subject matter expert on LinkedIn start a group about your particular niche market; Financial advice column; Bankruptcy laws; Tips for first time buyersEnhance your resume with LinkedIn testimonials; Create a perma-link from your about Me page on your website directly to your LinkedIn profile53</p> <p>How do we use LinkedIn?RecruitingDiscover talent for future useLinkedIn has been established as one of the leaders in the recruiting and sourcing of pass...</p>