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  1. 1. HOW TO GIVE A GOOD PRESENTATION Specially written by Adam for students in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City
  2. 2. Presentation Skills BASIC TIPS Dress smartly Smile stand up straight and with confidence Say Hello and smile when you greet the audience Speak Clearly firmly, and confidently you will be in control Do not speak too quickly if you speak too quickly, your voice will change and people will not understand you Lift your head up and speak to the back of the room
  3. 3. Presentation Skills BASIC TIPS Use Silence to emphasise points Keep on time. Do not talk too much Eye Contact look at everybody in the room Do not read your presentation you must add to what is already on the presentation Walk around a bit and gesture with your hands Focus on somebody in the room nodding their head this will give you confidence
  4. 4. Presentation Skills BASIC TIPS Practise at home in front of a mirror It is normal to be a little nervous do not worry If you make a mistake do not apologise too much Keep your presentation short and interesting
  5. 5. Presentation Skills 1. STRUCTURE Have a logical order: Introduction Middle with Main Points Conclusion
  6. 6. Presentation Skills 2. PRACTICE Practice beforehand in front of a mirror, smartphone, or with a friend
  7. 7. Presentation Skills 3. BODY LANGUAGE Use good body language: Use your hands especially showing The palms of your hands = honesty, nothing to hide
  8. 8. Presentation Skills
  9. 9. Presentation Skills 4. NOTES & HANDOUTS Have brief notes & Handouts The notes are for you, and the handouts for your audience after the presentation
  10. 10. Presentation Skills 5. SPEECH Speak Cleary not quickly! Use everyday simple language and no slang : gonna, wanna
  11. 11. Presentation Skills 6. POWERPOINT KISS Keep It Simple Stupid Do not have lots of text bullet points only! Use Charts / Diagrams / Pictures
  12. 12. Presentation Skills 7. INTERACTION Build a Conversation with Audience Get them to speak preferably at the end Use humour
  13. 13. Presentation Skills 8. NERVES Being nervous is good It gets your more energised PRACTISE / PRACTISE / PRACTISE will reduce nerves