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Stop promoting small time products that get you little to know rteturn. You should be promoting high ticket products, and I'll show you how to do just that.


Your Fastest Route To Big Ticket Commissions Hi my name is Declan, I am an internet marketer with several successful businesses online and also a success mentor to one of the fastest growing internet marketing communities of its kind, The SFM. Like many of us do, I began marketing products on Clickbank as an affiliate, selling eBooks that gave me a measly $27 - $47 commission. You quickly realise you have to sell a hell of a lot to make any decent money, and without a sales funnel to a big ticket product you will go broke due to the increasing costs of advertising. I am going to show you exactly where to find high value products that you can market that not only pay you up to $1000 commissions, but also do most of the hard work for you, including the selling! Think about it, $1000 commissions just two sales a month and you can FIRE your boss forever! Your Fastest Route To A Big Ticket Commission Formula: 1. Get EMAIL LEADS in a market where people actually buy big ticket stuff. 2. ADVISE them in a cool way on the best stuff to buy via email by building an email list and following up with a well written follow up sequence of emails. 3. Collect commission PAY CHECKS as a thanks for referring the sales. Thats it. Seriously. That's all there bloody is to it... Ok here it is in a bit more detail with precise instructions on how to get this working for you in as little time as possible without really having to do a lot. STEP 1: Pick The RIGHT Market Firstly let me actually explain what marketing really means. Marketing is delivering the RIGHT MESSAGE, to the RIGHT PEOPLE, at the RIGHT TIME that helps to educate, inspire and motivate them to take some kind of ACTION. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less. Have a think about the time we are in right now. ONE BIG FINANCIAL CRISIS! Well at least that is what the papers and T.V lead us to believe. And it really is a dark reality for some people. You just have to look at all those tent cities appearing across America - the so called land of hopes and dreams! But the antidote at a time like this is learning how to PROFIT from this recession, rather than shrivel up and fade away like many people do. Millions of people are flocking to Google typing in words like 'how to make money'. Each one of those searches being done on Google, is a REAL person, looking for a SOLUTION in this case to a very real PROBLEM! Just check these figures from using Google's awesome market espionage tool: If you didn't know already but Google provides probably the best market research tool on this planet completely FREE of charge! You can find it here: I am not going to go into depth on how to use it. There are plenty of free videos on youtube that will show you exactly what to do. In a nutshell, you type in a keyword and it brings up the number of searches being done every month for it. Lets use the tool to dig a bit deeper: You see this awesome little tool will also pull up a load of closely related keyword phrases with their average search results too. How to work from home gets over 3 million global searches! I don't know about you, but that is a serious amount of people who are probably in a desperate situation needing YOUR help! This is not the only market online that has a crazy demand from people looking for solutions. As you can see, the 'weight loss' market is a pretty serious heavy weight contender! As promised I am going to give you the fastest route to a big ticket sale which is what you really want. So my advice is to firstly pick one of the 3 biggest markets online as a place to start: Home based business / Making money online quite obvious why, everyone wants to make more money, it is what makes the world go round, being in a day job bloody sucks, we are in a global recession and jobs are not as secure as they once were! People see these types of products as an investment too. Spend money to make money so it is easier to justify in their heads. Health/Fitness/Weight loss 60% of Americans and British are overweight. Getting pumped up for the guys and losing weight for the women is a huge evergreen craze that will probably never end. I know from personally suffering in the past from a chronic illness how desperate I was to buy anything that would help solve that problem too. Dating/Relationships 50% divorce rate in the West. People are desperate to fall in love and fix their broken relationships. If you can provide a solution. You win big! Simply, the more PAIN there is in a market, the more likely people are to BUY something to solve that problem. Plus by helping to fix someones pain you are doing a lot of potential long term good. They feel happier. This rubs off on others around them like their friends and family. Then the world becomes a lighter, happier place too! Okay, that may have come across a bit cheesy, but its simply true. In my experience the Home based business / Make money online market is by far the easiest one right now to make a boat load of cash in, and fairly fast if you know what you are doing. My latest student who is Ethiopian and can barely speak english made $643 dollars in his first two weeks working with me: You may be thinking how can I market something in this market if I have never made money online before? More to the point how on earth did my student manage it when he had never made any money online before? Quite rightly so. I mean, it would not be very ethical to sell something about making money on the internet when I have never done it before. Would it? This limiting belief is actually what held me back right at the start. I went the really long route of creating my own products based on my knowledge and experience first. The problem with this approach is that it took me nearly a year of seriously hard graft to make my first sale. Also making products like mine takes having a specialist skill or talent or knowing someone who does. What if you don't have a specialist skill or talent? Yes you can outsource someone to make products for you or you can team up with others. But still this takes a long time in most cases. I want you to have the fastest route to BIG TICKET COMMISSIONS! So for that you need to change your mindset a little. Think about the real world. You got people working as insurance salesman, who never use the insurance policies they are selling. You got guys selling top of the range sports cars as if they are their own, when there is no way they could actually afford to buy one. You got drug reps pushing drugs they have never taken. You got retail store assistants selling shoes they have never worn as they cannot afford them yet. All over the world you got people selling and marketing stuff on behalf of others without a second thought. My strategy for newbies is to learn internet marketing as fast as possible and a make day job quitting income first by learning how to do AFFILIATE MARKETING An affiliate marketer earns money simply by referring sales to other peoples products and earning a nice commission from it. So what I am going to show you is how to make a serious income in the three major markets by making sales for other people. All you got to do is introduce people to a solution, and the company who make the solution do the selling part for you, giving you up to 70% commissions just for referring the sale! You never even have to meet or talk to the person who you are selling to. With the internet it is a global marketplace and products are available to buy 24/7! So unlike a car salesman who is tied to one location and has to do all the selling themselves, once you are set up there is absolutely no selling required on your part and you can just sit back and collect your commissions whilst on holiday somewhere hot and sunny! The great thing with this system is that you can still make your own products later on down the line if you choose to. Now the types of products I am talking about are primarily DIGITAL products that would be in the form of information, videos, mp3's, pdf reports or software applications. These products can never ever run out of stock and the profit margins are huge, hence massive commission potential! I try to stay clear of marketing physical products. The commissions are usually way too low to make serious money fast. My biz partner Stuart Ross, made $2 Million worth of sales in the home based business market selling digital products as an affiliate, whilst working full time in the beginning as an estate agent. He banked half of that for himself and he can barely use a PC still! (don't tell him I said that!) He is just really good at following SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS. Pretty much the same instructions as I am going to share with you right now! Now here is another very IMPORTANT FACT. If you really believe in the product you are selling as though this product could potentially save someones life, just as I am about the products I currently market, you are much more likely to take ACTION and make money! None of what I am about to tell you works unless you take action! So if motivation is a problem for you, make sure you pick a product to market that you really wholeheartedly believe in first. Or at least research and purchase a product first, so that you create more energy, drive and passion to let others know about it! STEP 2: Get EMAIL LEADS Of People Who Want To Buy Stuff In Your Market Every single marketer I know who makes good money builds an email LIST. Whether they are 5 figure, 6 figure or even 7 figure marketers, the core of their work on a daily basis is getting high quality, targeted LEADS into their sales funnel. (more on sales funnels later) Many major corporations are master list builders, understanding the importance of data collection and following up with their leads and customers. You see the UGLY TRUTH about marketing stuff online is: Only 1 2% of people who visit a website, actually buy something first time around. That means 99 out of a 100 people leave the site, in most cases, never ever returning! Unless you get their EMAIL! If you get their email address you can FOLLOW UP with more emails over a period of time that convinces the people on your list to BUY whatever it is your are marketing. As a general rule it takes on average about 7 8 emails to cultivate TRUST and RAPPORT with your new subscriber before they will go on to buy something from you. I have some people who join my list and buy something straight away. I have others who may buy something after a few months of being on my list, especially when it comes to very HIGH TICKET products. In this case people usually need a little bit more time to be convinced. I put a big part of my success down to learning one extremely important skill building a highly RESPONSIVE LIST. You hear other so called gurus going on about building massive fan pages on facebook, having loads of YouTube subs, a huge Twitter following, but to be perfectly honest none of that compares to having a highly responsive email list. To join any of those social networks you need an EMAIL. To sign into Internet banking you need an EMAIL. To pretty much buy anything online, you need an EMAIL. So its pretty obvious that the best way of communicating with people online is via EMAIL, because thats something your customer must have! So I am going to lay down my blueprint for building the most responsive list possible that WORKS IN ANY MARKET The Most Important Fundamentals About List Building: 1.The Source Of Your Leads 2. Your Relationship With Your Leads If you already have a list and are not making any money with your list now, it could be because you have not mastered any of the above two core requirements. If you master these correctly, you can with just a relatively tiny list of less than a 1000 emails make multiple hundred or even thousand dollar days. Your Essential List Building/Email Lead Getting Tools: 1. A Lead Magnet In order to get a lead off someone, you gotta give something in exchange first. The way you got hold of this information is because I gave you this free report, so you are going to need something like this. You can even give away a video or an mp3 audio. Videos have a high perceived value and are good if you want to explain how to do stuff online, mp3's are good if you have interviews or some motivational coaching type stuff that can be conveniently carried around on iphones/mp3 players. People even give away software these days that help solve specific problems or enhance productivity. As I am trying to get you the fastest route to BIG TICKET sales. A free report is just fine. 2. An Email Marketing Platform/Autoresponder You may have been getting worried that all this sending email stuff would be a big manual job requiring you to send emails one by one to everyone who signs up! Relax there are some awesome services online that automate this whole service, from collecting the initial lead, to delivering your free gift, to being able to follow up with your prospects over time completely on autopilot, and even being able to make broadcasts to your entire list. 3. A Webhost, Domain & Squeeze Page - Imagine your website being like a house, your domain name is like your street address, and your webhost is like the plot of land your house is built on. Just as though you were building your own home, your website needs a place to build from and an address for people to find it. Whereas a plot of land somewhere decent these days costs a small fortune, a decent host costs around $5 a month. Your domain name costs just $9 and you can build a website for free using a website building software known as wordpress. Your Lead Getting Squeeze Page: This is a single page on a website that is known as a SQUEEZE PAGE, as the idea is to squeeze a LEAD out of the visitor. The above example was built using the Optimizepress theme on Wordpress which has become almost an industry standard for internet marketers who market digital products because of how versatile and easy it is to use. Wordpress is known as a content management system and allows you to quickly and very cheaply be able to build websites that are perfect for marketing products online. There are plenty of free videos on that show you how to use it and what it is all about. I know the website above is not flashy at all. In fact that is just the way I like it as the whole idea is to get the lead and nothing else. You really do not want any distractions at all. This is actually a page I made when I was marketing Stuart Ross's products as an affiliate. As you can see I am giving away a FREE GIFT which I call a LEAD MAGNET to entice people to put in their email to download the gift. Here are the MUST HAVE ingredients that go on to a page like this: 1. A Compelling Headline this should be something that grabs peoples attention right away. You should be very specific about the end result people will get from using the information in your gift. In my example you can see it has the number of free videos, the amount of money they could generate and the amount of time it would take. The more specific you are, the more compelling it is to a visitor. Just tell the truth, don't make any crazy claims otherwise this will backfire on you! 2. Opt In Form this is a form usually generated by either the website theme that you are using for wordpress or the autoresponder service you are using. This should have some clear text with a CALL TO ACTION telling the visitor where to put their email and what they will get on the other side. You should also include a privacy notice saying something like 'Your Information Is 100% Secure + Will Never Be Shared With Anyone' This protects you from future SPAM complaints and helps to build trust. 3. Free Gift Image It helps to include an image for the FREE gift to give it some PERCEIVED VALUE. If it is a free report you could include an image of the book. Or an image of the video if its a video you are giving away. 4. Bullet Points Of Benefits this is entirely optional and actually not even necessary if you are very specific about the result in the headline. In some cases it may even hinder your conversation stats as it can be another source of distraction. But for some markets you may need to add some extra points to convince your prospect in giving away their email. The conversion rate on this page is between 30 40% Which means if I send 100 people to a page I get about 40 leads on a good day. This is a pretty high and only really possible if you set up the pages so they are simple and to the point like the one above and use the source of visitors that I am going to reveal to you shortly. The trick is to test and test and test your pages with different layouts, headlines and even free gifts. I use a system called split testing and conversion tracking to do this. It is beyond the scope of this free report to explain in the detail it needs. But I will of course let you know all my conversion secrets should you choose to work with me as your mentor! Your Thank You Page: Once someone signs up to your list, you need to direct them to another page on the same website that is hidden from the search engines. This page is where you thank them for subscribing and allow them to download the free gift. You can also monetize this page by adding information that promotes an affiliate offer that you wish to promote. Again, this is very straight forward using a theme like Optimizepress to build your sites. Check out their sales page, as the developer explains exactly you can do this in the video. Your Email Marketing System/Autoresponder: This is the real magic power of internet marketing. The ability to communicate with your target market on an ongoing basis completely on autopilot. What this is literally like is having a full time expert sales person working for you around the clock, never having a break, never getting tired, following up with your futures customers until they buy something from you! You may be wondering what the hell am I talking about, well let me explain further. Once someone joins your list, using something known as an autoresponder sequence, you now have the ability to send a sequence of pre-written emails that educates, inspires and motivates your subscriber to buy something that you recommend. This is actually where most of your real CONVERSION from free subscribers to buyers will take place. You can set up a sequence of emails in advance that gives some great upfront value to your subscriber that builds their trust with you. The emails can link them to your blog where you can post videos with useful tips, product reviews or anything else that could help your subscriber get closer to reaching their goals. You can also write emails that promote affiliate products that you recommend. If you are strategic with your email sequence you can offer a series of emails that is more like a mini course that teaches them something new each day, building up to a product that would be a perfect fit for completing the course. The power of this is immense, as if you have a really well crafted email sequence, all you need to worry about is getting traffic to your website, something that will only take you a few minutes to do each month, as you will find out later. This means sales can start coming in with very little effort once the whole system is set up and running. Especially if the products you are promoting have their own follow up sequence and conversion process too! The best autoresponder, that has become the industry standard as it still has the best deliverability rates of any autoresponder on the market today is Aweber If you are serious about online marketing, I would take up their $1 free trial offer and start building your list as soon as possible! My Number One Source Of Visitors/Traffic: One of the first questions most of my newbie students ask me is, 'So how do I get people to visit my website?' Some make the fatal mistake of thinking, 'Build it and they will come!' I wish all you had to do was throw up a website and see a flood of visitors automatically come to your site who will buy your stuff. But this sadly is not the case! You actually have to do a little bit of work... But keeping to my promise in giving you the fastest route to big ticket commissions, you are about to find out about a mega hungry source of traffic. A source of visitors ready to buy your stuff even in this bad economy and all it takes is a simple email to set up! This is made possible by the awesome phenomenon known as SOLO ADS! The most common sources of traffic are usually from the search engines in form of PPC (pay per click) text and banner ads. The problem is that the fastest and best place for this is Google, but they have become very strict on affiliate marketers. In fact Google pretty much think they are Satans spawn right now! Which is really unfair because affiliate marketing done correctly can literally save peoples lives, especially with life enhancing information products like the products I am going to share with you. Affiliate marketing is also what made Google the largest company in the world in the first place. You would think they would be more respectful! Unless you have a product to sell you will find it very hard to get your squeeze page approved by Google and even Yahoo and Bing now, especially if you try to use clever tactics to increase your lead conversions. In fact Google banned 100,000's of affiliate marketers accounts in 2010 meaning they all lost their businesses overnight! Our lives got made much more difficult due to all those scammers putting up fake weight loss blogs and making outrageous claims. If you are into that sort of thing, then this report is not for you! Many people have also started to use the mighty Facebook as a place to advertise and this is a great place as they don't seem to mind affiliate marketers, yet! The problem is that the competitive markets like weight loss, home business and internet marketing are very saturated and can be expensive if you don't know what you are doing. Getting traffic is far easier, cheaper and in many cases more profitable when using SOLO ADS! So What Exactly Is A Solo Ad? A solo ad is simply a well written email that is all about your product or service, that pre-sells the reader to click on the link in the solo ad to go and visit your offer. There are now 100's of list owners who are masters of list building and sell email blasts to their lists promoting other peoples products. Usually these solo ad providers run popular newsletters online also known as Ezines. You can find these in pretty much every profitable niche market. This means they have already done the hard work of getting people educated in a market. So the people on their list are often warmed up and ready to actually buy stuff that will help them go to the next level. This means solo ad traffic is some of the most targeted traffic you will find online. These solo ad vendors are ready to blast out an email to their lists that is solely to promote your offer for a small upfront fee. All you have to do is: 1. Find a reputable solo ad provider. Warning: some are complete scammers, so make sure you find one who has a long track record and good reviews. 2. Send them an email saying you would like them to promote your offer. 3. Negotiate a rate with them for the number emails you wish them to send to. In this case how many people come to visit your site depends on how well written your solo ad is, and how responsive the solo ad vendor's list is. In the home based business/internet marketing market you can find solo ad providers who will guarantee you clicks, which is amazing because you will know exactly how many visitors you are paying for in advance. This makes working out your potential profitability a whole lot easier! 4. Once you have set up your solo ad, wait for the blast and watch your subscribers roll in! 5. If you get good conversions and make a profit on sales, then all you have to do is repeat the process over and over again. There are 100's of high quality solo ad providers so you can never really burn this traffic source out. Here is a great source of solo ad providers called the Directory of Ezines, run by Charlie Page for over 10 years. So you can safely say this guy knows his stuff! Not only does he have the best source of verified solo ad providers in pretty much any profitable niche you can think of, but he also provides incredible free training in the course he gives away for free on his site. Now for some fun maths: I was never the best at maths at school, in fact I sucked at it! But maths is actually a lot of fun when the numbers look like this! I pretty guarantee you, just like me, will be pulling out your calculator next time your sat on the toilet seat! For this to work I am going to assume a few things in advance. Lets say you do exactly what I say and pick the home based business market. Lets say you find solo ad providers who guarantee you hot targeted clicks With the solo ad providers I use, on average 1000 clicks will cost you $300 This works out at around $0.30 per click. Which is dirt cheap when you consider this is super targeted when a PPC ad on Google will cost you about $2 a click in this market. Lets say 30% subscribe to get your free gift. This a very average result if you set up the squeeze pages in the way I have shown you above. This means you got 300 leads for $300 Now this is where the fun starts. Lets say that you are marketing a product that gives you a $1000 commission. Now this is extremely conservative, but lets say just 0.5% of the people who subscribe to your list actually buy this product. That works out to be 1.5 sales from 300 leads. Which = $1500 in commissions So you are already in profit on crazy low conversion figures. Say you promote another product on your email sequence that is a membership site that pays you $20 commissions per month and 2% of your leads purchase this. That is 6 sales giving you $120 every single month. Again very low conservative figures. Lets say 1% of those leads buy an entry level product that gives you $227 commissions. That is 3 sales = $227 x 3 (bear with me as I work this out) = $681 Now lets say you have one more product that is much cheaper and only gives you a $27 commission. As it is cheaper your conversion rate may be 5% instead. Which is 15 sales. So $27 x 15 = $405 Ok, so lets add all this lovely money up! $1500 + $681 + $405 = $2585 Lets not forget the monthly commissions to which is another $120 a month, every month till they quit. Right, so have a think about this. You INVEST $300 and get back $2585!! holy moly! Imagine how much you would make if you invested $600 or $1200 a month. On these stats, $1200 a month invested into quality solo ads would bring in $10,340! Wooohooo! Pretty crazy numbers right, but actually a very conservative look at the truth. These types of income streams is what I have been setting up for my students every single month! Now its your turn! But you are probably wondering by now, where on earth do I find products that pay out such high commissions and surely setting up the website and email sequence requires a lot of skill? Relax. What I am about to let you into is probably the most done 4 you systems available online today, and also only made possible from the recent advances in internet technology. I actually have two systems that I have tested thoroughly with my students that are as close to plug and play as you can get. I have plumbers, door to door sales reps, even ex garbage bin men making money with these things without any expert knowledge or technical skills. So if they can do it why can't you? The Products: To quickly summarise to make money selling big ticket products you are going to need the following: 1. A website to create squeeze pages and thank you pages. 2. A great free gift that gives some awesome value and results in advance to your new subscribers. 3. An autoresponder service. 4. A well crafted email sequence that runs for at least 3 months. 5. Big ticket affiliate offers to promote that bank you $1000 or more commissions. 6. Some initial cash flow to pay for the first few solo ads that will eventually pay for itsself. At first glance this appears like a lot of work on your part, but again being true to my word, I want to give you the fastest route to a big ticket commissions. Just imagine if you could have all of this handed to you? What I mean by that is, someone handing you: 1. An incredibly high value free gift to give away that builds lots of trust with your subscribers right from the start, 2. Exact templates to swipe for high converting squeeze pages and thank you pages, 3. 1 whole year worth of emails that are expertly written by a 7 figure earning marketer that makes your subscriber absolutely love you and most of all convinces them to check out your high ticket offers and other high converting products. 4. A product that you can market that gives you the right to $1000 commissions, which itself will provide you with the best internet marketing training online, a community of likeminded souls to hang out with and interact with and direct access to 6 figure earning mentors with daily coaching calls and webinars. 5. All of your technical stuff for setting up taken care of with a team that can set you up to get going and making money straightaway! This is an internet marketing training community and marketing system that ticks all of those boxes! The SFM: This is my personal home online, and the members in the community are looked upon as family members. Where on earth would you get that kind of bond online? It is founded by 7 Figure Marketer, Stuart Ross who has made over $2 Million worth of sales as an affiliate before he founded this seriously awesome community. What sets SFM apart from everything else is the community aspect. With this fast growing community you get to network with entrepreneurs and likeminded people from all over the world! Many important relationships get made here. My new business partner for one of my niche businesses was met through this community and we are on course to hit 6 figures this year with just one of our new products. But the real genius of the way SFM works is its affiliate commission tracking system! SFM gives you $1000 commissions for each sale you refer to join at the SFM Elite level. The most amazing thing with the way SFM is set up is that all you have to do is drive visitors to your squeeze page. They take care of all the rest. You are given an entry level product where you get 100% commission on the sale (yes 100% commissions) then your link is tracked all the way back through their sales funnel, so you make commissions all the way up to the SFM Elite level which is $1000 commissions per sale. There is no time limit on when the sale is made either. If they buy in 6 months or a years time, you still get the commission! They have some very high tech ultra nerdy technical stuff going on that means you don't have to worry about anything, other than driving traffic to your squeeze page. Also your website, squeeze page and domains can also be hosted for you on our hosting server if you choose to. But you are free to use your own if you know how, which means you don't have to worry about any of that technical issues ever again, if that is a problem as everything can be set up push button simple! SFM also give you all the training and material you need to get those high ticket commissions in the shortest time possible. You get daily coaching calls and webinars with 1 on 1 mentoring with expert 6 figure earning coaches if needed. The aim of SFM is to provide you with the best internet marketing training online which you can then use to do any of the following: 1. Market your own products online, 2. Consult small business who are currently desperately in need of experienced people like you. 3. Make money promoting SFM as an affiliate. Limits of Liability & Disclaimer of Warranty Disclaimer: This Web site is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in regard to the subject matter covered No responsibility or liability is assumed by the author for any injury, damage or financial loss sustained to persons or property from the use of this information, personal or otherwise, either directly or indirectly. While every effort has been made to ensure reliability and accuracy of the information within, all liability, negligence or otherwise, from any use, misuse or abuse of the operation of any methods, strategies, instructions or ideas contained in the material herein, is the sole responsibility of the reader. All information is generalized and presented for informational purposes only. Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential, there is however no guarantee that you will make any money using the techniques and strategies in the coaching material. The results in the testimonials and case studies are typical for them, but not typical for everyone else as your level of success from in attaining the results claimed in our material depends on the time you devote to the program, ideas and techniques mentioned, your finances, knowledge and various skills. Since these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot guarantee your success or income level, nor are we responsible for any of your actions.