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<p>How to Get More Facebook likes to Your Business Page?There is nothing better to get more Facebook likes to your business page by creating an exciting page for your products and services. The individuals who are follow Facebook Fan pages known as "followers, fans or likes". I favour "Facebook fans" as I re-count "followers" to twitter, while Facebook now refers to Fan pages such as official pages". </p> <p>Why Facebook likes are essential?</p> <p>With a Facebook Fan page you can share updates to everyone who chooses to "like" your Facebook page. Once theyve liked your fan page, your page updates will automatically appear on their wall. Certainly, the more Facebook likes your page has, a huge number of fans who will see your message.</p> <p>Once you get 25 or more Facebook likes to your page, youll be able to build a custom URL for your fan page about your business, or in the case of the private business page.</p> <p>How to get more Facebook likes to your page?</p> <p>There are a number of ways to get more likes to your Facebook fan page. You just need to know a few ideas that are given below.</p> <p>How to get more Facebook likes is really tough task but you can do by taking some important steps. Such as, create a custom welcome landing page of your business in Facebook so that visitors visit your page strongly compels to click on the like button. You can invite your existing Facebook friends to like the page, and confidently they, in turn, will get others to also like your business page and become fans.</p> <p>Create a Facebook badge or link to your Facebook business page on your blog or website and in any email you send out. You can also include a like link for your fan page in your email signature. </p> <p>Even though you can only have a single link in your Google plus or twitter profile, by creating a custom background image for your social profile, you can show the URL for your Facebook fan page.</p> <p>Advertising with Facebook are best way to encouraging fans to click on like button of your fan page. Through this you can offer discount or incentives for audience to become your Facebook fans. </p> <p>You can also send a link of your fan page to new followers through twitter and Google plus to connect with you Facebook. </p> <p>The above steps will help you getting more and more Facebook fans to like your Facebook fan page. </p> <p> For more information about Increase Twitter Followers please visit </p>