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<ol><li> 1. How to Get Discovered As an Actor I would imagine that being discovered means sitting one day in a coffee shop, drinking your average quality over-sweetened latte when an acting agent suddenly stops right beside you, stretches out his hand with the business card, at the same time giving out complements on your looks and inviting to a meeting. This is something not only you yourself have imagined many times before, but most likely a lot of other people, too. It's an amazing fantasy. We hear stories of how currently celebrities - actors or models - got discovered this way, and we painfully envy their luck and success. However, the truth is those stories are not true. They are made out by their publicists to make an actor sound more appealing and interesting to the general public. To put it in other words, being discovered as an actor is the dream of those people who are looking to lose 45 pounds in just one week's time. It's simply not going to happen. Now having said that, this doesn't mean that you cannot become a working actor in any of the major theater and film/TV cities be it London, Los Angeles or New York; possibly even achieving all the success that your idols movie stars have. But there is one thing that you will have to change about yourself and that is to stop fantasizing about being discovered and work yourself up to that position within the society if becoming a successfully working actor is your honest wish. As soon as the idea of making a living on stage or screen hits your head, you must think it through thoroughly and take a long while to do so. Not a day, not a week; months, at the very least. It's a big commitment that will take over your life, your expenses and personal space and everything else that you have in order to provide you someday with fame and fortune. Read as much as you can about what it takes to become an actor in London, Los Angeles or New York City. Talk to your friends and family, your wife or husband. The important thing is to listen, take it in and then make your own decision. You will get a lot of discouragement, but if that is truly something you are passionate about, do not feel like you should drop the idea as soon as someone told you: "You're going to fail." You will fail only if you're afraid to pursue your dreams. </li><li> 2. Now, if you have decided to embark on this long, difficult and even cruel but rewarding journey towards the show business, you're going to need an action plan for the first 6 months of your so- called new career. Let's talk to-do list then! First thing on the list are headshots. Find a good, not overly expensive photographer in your area that does headshots. Those are not portraits, and you should see the difference as soon as you research what both photography styles are. Acting headshots are the single most important marketing tool an actor has, so take care of these first. Second thing you're going to have to acquire is a demo reel (or show reel in the UK). This is a montage of various video clips of your performances for the camera. To get these, you will need some footage, of course. For your very first reel, the footage is easy to get - apply to some student films in your area, and after they're done, the director will always send you the material. Have that material professionally or semi-professionally edited into 2-3 minute montage show reel. </li><li> 3. Third thing is your acting CV/resume. A fairly easy thing to do, but you need something to put on there. The very important parts are you experience and your training, of which you have to take care of in the first 6 months of pursuing acting career. Get yourself into some community theatre, maybe even drama school and if you have an acting class in the area, book some sessions there to. When finished, put those on your resume alongside your student films, description of yourself and your special skills. </li></ol>