How To Get Custody Of Your Child

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  • How To Get Custody Of Your Child

  • Divorces can get messy. That becomes even truer if child custodyneeds to be settled. If the terms your partner wants are not toyour liking, or you are concerned of abuse taking place with theother parent, then you should go to court to get a custodyagreement you approve of.

  • Hire a Lawyer

    You should hire a divorce lawyer no matter what to help you getthrough this time. Hiring one becomes even more prudent whenchild custody becomes an issue. An attorney will make sure theproper child custody forms are filed in a timely manner.

  • Prepare for the Court Date

    Depending on the exact case, child custody disputes can take awhile to settle. You want to prepare thoroughly for the first courtdate so that you make a good impression. You should prepare ashort statement that goes over your point of view and why youbelieve you deserve custody.

  • Follow the JudgesDecision

    After a decision is made, then that is that. If joint custody issettled upon when you wanted sole custody, then you shouldabide by what was given. Unless new information comes to light,you do not want to override a decision on your own.

    Child custody is highly emotional. Take some of the stress offyour shoulders by hiring a child custody attorney in Las Vegas bygoing to this website.