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<ol><li> 1. ChestWorkout.comHow to Get Big Muscles FastIt is not easy to get big muscles fast. You need to decide on the rightexercises to get big muscles. There are a few steps that will help you to takegood decision and will give you an idea on how to proceed further. You will require a few things that will help you to get big muscles fast.These things include dumb bells, nutritional supplements. You need a goodtrainer to who can help you out in a few exercises. You have to invest some amount of money at first. Consider nutritionalsupplements which provide extra energy to the body. Do not go for unnaturalsupplements, as in the long run it may not be the right course of action. You can go for weight training techniques at home such as using dumb bellsand exercise bands. This does not cost much and also makes your bodystrong and healthy. You can also go to gym and get trained from a good trainer. Consider electronic muscle stimulators. These stimulators are also inexpensive and give considerable amount of stress to the muscles which makes you feel good. This is one of the best options for you. Sometimes using thesestimulators can cause skin irritation, burns and pain. So it is good to use 1 </li><li> 2. Spend sometime each and everyday to exercise your muscles. You have to be very patient as it might not give you immediate results. Have some commitment towards your goal. Here your goal is to get big muscles fast. Minimum of one hour a day is more than enough. Regular practice will give positive results. If your exercise timings are irregular you will not get big muscles fast.Make sure you have a healthy diet. Take the right kind of food. The food you take must give you the necessary energy and should make your muscles grow. In order for muscle tissue to repair itself after your weight-training sessions, it needs a high amount of protein. 30% of your calorie intake should be fat. Drink plenty of water. This will keep your body hydrated.Sleep is incredibly important for building muscle. Muscle tissue repairs itself and grows only when you take rest. Make yourself feel relaxed as a calm, relaxed person builds more muscle. Using free weights give you natural motions. Using machines might cause injuries. ****Muscle Building Inferno The Most Result Producing Routine EVER Devised. Get the Body You Want,Faster than You Thought and withMuch Less Work Than You Thought!This workout will * Increase Your Metabolism * Improve lean body mass* Improve Bone Density (especially important for women ) * Lessen Your Chance for Injuries LEARN MORE 2 </li></ol>