How To Find The Hottest Penny Stocks

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Heres how to find the best and hottest penny stocks.


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2. The allure of trading in penny stocks is that onecan start trading with a low investment and stillmake huge profits. However, the success of atrader depends on their skills and ability to pickthe best penny stocks in the market.Powerpoint Templates Page 2 3. Do Your ResearchPenny stocks are very volatile asthey are influenced by the globaleconomic forces such asinflation. Take time to do athorough research on stocks thatyou intend to buy before makingyour final decision. For example,if the chart looks profitable butlacks the fundamentals, considerchoosing another stock or tradingon the chart pattern alone.Powerpoint Templates Page 3 4. Be QuickAny successful penny stocktrader can attest to the fact thatthe best stocks usually sell veryquickly and fluctuations are fast.You need to act fast, that is, tradeimmediately a profitable pennystock that pops up on the screen.Powerpoint Templates Page 4 5. Consider Paper Trading ThemPaper trading will go a long wayin helping you get a clear pictureof how the stocks behave. Goahead and hold the stock if thechart looks good and the risksare manageable.Powerpoint Templates Page 5 6. Avoid Stocks Under $2 If YouIntend To Hold ThemThis is because such pennystocks are highly volatile and therisk attached to them issometimes too high. In fact, tomake a profit from them, you willhave to be in and out at speed oflightening.Powerpoint Templates Page 6 7. Compare The Chart With TradingVolumesIts prudent to take time andsynchronize the chart and volumeattached to a particular pennystock to be sure that its movingin the right direction.Powerpoint Templates Page 7 8. Closing Tip: Choose penny stock tradingplatforms that have a clean reputation to avoidspending your hard earned cash on dubiousdeals. Network and outsource with otherexpert traders to gain more professional skillsand information on how to choose the bestpenny stocks. Visit this link to learn more Templates Page 8