how to encrypt and protect your moodle site for free with let's encrypt

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How To Encrypt and Protect your Moodle Site for Free

Jonathan Moore

Twitter: @moorejon

Skype: moorejon07

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consultantOver 10 years moodle expManaged thousands of sites

What is Let's Encrypt?

A new certificate authority

Offering free Secure Sockets Layer / Transport Layer Security (SSL / TSL) certificates

Automate process to simplify installation

Admins care about outages80% 80%By knowing our changes we can drastically lower downtime

What you need

A domain you control

Admin access to server hosting the domain

Some comfort with command line

Desire to improve your site's security

Why encrypt?

Protect user's login credentials

Protect confidential information stored on your site

Help improve the internet's herd immunity

Browser makers gradually making this the default for 'safe' access indicators

More difficult for ISPs / carriers interfere with usability of your site


Do you have a good backup

This can damage your configuration files

Get the client




Moodle Setup

Site Administration Security HTTP Security

To Fully Encrypted Site

Edit config.phpChange $CFG->wwwroot From http://

To https://

Re-write old URLs on Existing Sites



Works with most current browsers

Will improve over time

Compatibility list

More compatibility

Non-working / Unknown

Test it

Early days for Let's Encrypt

Try first on staging or pilot site


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