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How to Effectively Use. to Market your Brand. Facebook. 800 MILLION users Setting up a FB page Use your KW in your Page Title DO NOT use all one word i.e. BarsAndBartending Cannot change page name after 100 fans Set your vanity URL at /username. Profile Page Pic. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>How to Effectively Use</p> <p>to Market your Brand Facebook800 MILLION usersSetting up a FB pageUse your KW in your Page TitleDO NOT use all one word i.e. BarsAndBartendingCannot change page name after 100 fansSet your vanity URL at</p> <p>Profile Page Pic540 x 180 pixels make use of the spaceContinuityDoes it direct attention?Captivating Pic or Headshot?Call to Action?Provide More Info?</p> <p>The Perfect PostCaptivating Image / PicClear, Concise and CompellingIncludes a Call to Action i.e Comment BelowTell Them What to Look ForKeep them Regular and ShortAlways ReplyPay Attention to Time Zones</p> <p>When / How Often to Post</p> <p>What to PostInfo from a Variety of Sources eg. Alltop, AllFacebook, MashablePics and VideosInteresting Products yours and others Industry News / ArticlesQuestions keep fans engagedYour Opinions show youre human</p> <p> Keep Them EngagedQuestion Would you Rather___ or___?Caption ContestsCelebrate HolidaysFirst Half of a JokeStart a DiscussionEncourage your Fans to Post pics, stories etc</p> <p> Getting FansList your page under your personal profileInvite all Your FriendsPosting As Your Page, Find Relevant Pages / Groups, Like them and InteractAdd the FB Like Button to the top of your site pages (social plugin)Give away a (valuable) freebie to get them to join your list integrate an autoresponder</p> <p> Nurturing the RelationshipFan of the MonthOffer FB Only Discounts / CouponsLaunch on FB before your siteSet up ContestsRefer a Friend / Send to a Friend app</p> <p>Fan / Reveal GatesExcellent for turning visitors into Likes To install a Fan Gate (search static HTML: iFrame tabs)Host the pic on your site, insert </p> <p> Advanced StrategiesFeatured Banner Images (photo strip)Upload Videos Directly to FB for viralityNetworked Blogs AppFB doesnt reward automation but it saves timeAfter Posting a Link, Remove the Link</p> <p> Advance Strategies contdIntegrate an Opt-in Form</p> <p>Use Insights to Find Out Whats Working</p> <p> Ninja TechniqueCreate a Fan Page for your Product</p> <p>Like the Page, then feature it</p> <p>Settings Feature Edit Featured Likes</p> <p> Facebook NotesDuplicate Content doesnt matterAdd Images, make it attractive and readableInclude a link to your FB page and websiteSearchable in GoogleAdd links to your newsletter sign-up and FB pageUse to backlink your FB Notes</p> <p>Wrapping UpKeep your efforts consistent day after day, same time if possibleJoin in the conversation as well as starting itListen to your customers and give them a reason to come back to your pageSlowly migrate them into your sales funnel</p>