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How to Effectively Use. to Market your Brand. Facebook. 800 MILLION users Setting up a FB page Use your KW in your Page Title DO NOT use all one word i.e. BarsAndBartending Cannot change page name after 100 fans Set your vanity URL at /username. Profile Page Pic. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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How to Effectively Use

to Market your Brand Facebook800 MILLION usersSetting up a FB pageUse your KW in your Page TitleDO NOT use all one word i.e. BarsAndBartendingCannot change page name after 100 fansSet your vanity URL at

Profile Page Pic540 x 180 pixels make use of the spaceContinuityDoes it direct attention?Captivating Pic or Headshot?Call to Action?Provide More Info?

The Perfect PostCaptivating Image / PicClear, Concise and CompellingIncludes a Call to Action i.e Comment BelowTell Them What to Look ForKeep them Regular and ShortAlways ReplyPay Attention to Time Zones

When / How Often to Post

What to PostInfo from a Variety of Sources eg. Alltop, AllFacebook, MashablePics and VideosInteresting Products yours and others Industry News / ArticlesQuestions keep fans engagedYour Opinions show youre human

Keep Them EngagedQuestion Would you Rather___ or___?Caption ContestsCelebrate HolidaysFirst Half of a JokeStart a DiscussionEncourage your Fans to Post pics, stories etc

Getting FansList your page under your personal profileInvite all Your FriendsPosting As Your Page, Find Relevant Pages / Groups, Like them and InteractAdd the FB Like Button to the top of your site pages (social plugin)Give away a (valuable) freebie to get them to join your list integrate an autoresponder

Nurturing the RelationshipFan of the MonthOffer FB Only Discounts / CouponsLaunch on FB before your siteSet up ContestsRefer a Friend / Send to a Friend app

Fan / Reveal GatesExcellent for turning visitors into Likes To install a Fan Gate (search static HTML: iFrame tabs)Host the pic on your site, insert

Advanced StrategiesFeatured Banner Images (photo strip)Upload Videos Directly to FB for viralityNetworked Blogs AppFB doesnt reward automation but it saves timeAfter Posting a Link, Remove the Link

Advance Strategies contdIntegrate an Opt-in Form

Use Insights to Find Out Whats Working

Ninja TechniqueCreate a Fan Page for your Product

Like the Page, then feature it

Settings Feature Edit Featured Likes

Facebook NotesDuplicate Content doesnt matterAdd Images, make it attractive and readableInclude a link to your FB page and websiteSearchable in GoogleAdd links to your newsletter sign-up and FB pageUse to backlink your FB Notes

Wrapping UpKeep your efforts consistent day after day, same time if possibleJoin in the conversation as well as starting itListen to your customers and give them a reason to come back to your pageSlowly migrate them into your sales funnel