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<p>Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online in Pakistan </p> <p>How to Earn a 6-Figure Monthly Income as a Work-at-Home Mom (WAHM)</p> <p>An interactive workshop exploring passions and practicality for operating an online business in Pakistan</p> <p>Occupation? You name it, thats me!</p> <p>Home Biz vs. Online BizHome BizMay include any business run from home, e.g. wedding consultancy, interior design, tailoring/boutique, photography, etcOnline BizMay include any business that runs end-to-end operations online, including product/service, marketing/promotion, customers and payment.www.wordpl.net2</p> <p>Is Making Money Online a Possibility?</p> <p>Is it a hobby or a business?How committed are you? A month? A year?Do you know what drives you?</p> <p>www.wordpl.net3</p> <p>Can you Make Real Money Online Comparable to a Regular Job?</p> <p>Low startup costs + high returns = profitPotential to earn more over timeIts your own thing take it wherever you want!</p> <p>www.wordpl.net4</p> <p>How long will it take me to Start Making Money Online?</p> <p>This aint no get-rich-quick schemeGive yourself a year, more if theres a steep learning curveGrow bigger earsWork part-time</p> <p>www.wordpl.net5</p> <p>How Can I Receive Payments For My Online Set Up?</p> <p>Wire transferPayment processorsChecks</p> <p>www.wordpl.net6</p> <p>6</p> <p>What are Online Scams and How Can I Avoid Them?</p> <p>Ad clickingOnline surveysEnvelope stuffingCold callingEmail address selling</p> <p>www.wordpl.net7</p> <p>Legitimate Online Work you can do from Pakistan</p> <p>Idea #1: Freelance Professional ServicesIdea #2: Make Money BloggingIdea #3: Affiliate MarketingIdea #4: Sell your own Product (eCommerce)</p> <p>www.wordpl.net8</p> <p>Idea #1: Freelance Professional ServicesUse freelance bidding sites, e.g. Elance, oDesk or GuruWork available in diverse fields: sales, marketing, writing, translation, editing, manufacturing, engineering, finance, accounting, law, administrative work (VA), web design, graphic design, web development, web programming and more Free or nominal startup costsEscrow servicesStiff competitionConsistent marketing strategyPayment via wire transfer</p> <p>www.wordpl.net9</p> <p>Idea #2: Make Money Blogging</p> <p>A dedicated website (domain + hosting)Valuable content on your siteRelevant and targeted traffic to your siteAds on your siteOther monetization channels: sponsored ads, sell site in online auctionsDedicated niche</p> <p>www.wordpl.net10</p> <p>Idea #3: Affiliate Marketing</p> <p>Earn commissionsPromote other peoples products servicesWebsite + trafficPayment usually by check or PayPal</p> <p>www.wordpl.net11</p> <p>Idea #4: Sell your own Product (e-commerce)</p> <p>www.wordpl.netHigh satisfaction levelSell via own site or third-party sites (e.g. e-junkie, amazon, lulu)Sales/landing pageFunnel visitors to offerExceptional selling skillsKick-ass product</p> <p>12</p> <p>The 5 Must-haves for Starting an Online Biz</p> <p>#1 A Website, preferably your own#2 A way to keep readers returning, preferably via an email list#3 A niche topic youre uber-passionate about#4 Promotion skills #5 Monitoring &amp; tracking</p> <p>www.wordpl.net13</p> <p>Skills to Run an Online Business</p> <p>Clear focus and directionSelf-discipline &amp; motivationJack-of-allDelegate and automateAdaptability and flexibilityThought leadership</p> <p>www.wordpl.net14</p> <p>The Work at Home LifestyleTime ManagementFamiliarity with Marketing/Tech/Social MediaBalancing Family Commitments with WorkMental and Psychological Well-beingStartup FearFamily &amp; Friends SupportFinancial independencewww.wordpl.net15</p> <p>The Most Important Thing you Need to KnowWhy are you doing this?</p> <p>www.wordpl.net16</p> <p>Where you can find</p> <p>If you liked this presentation/workshop and would like to know more, please leave a comment at: and Ill respond. Thanks! -Salma</p> <p>www.wordpl.net17</p>