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Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online in Pakistan

How to Earn a 6-Figure Monthly Income as a Work-at-Home Mom (WAHM)

An interactive workshop exploring passions and practicality for operating an online business in Pakistan

Occupation? You name it, thats me!

Home Biz vs. Online BizHome BizMay include any business run from home, e.g. wedding consultancy, interior design, tailoring/boutique, photography, etcOnline BizMay include any business that runs end-to-end operations online, including product/service, marketing/promotion, customers and payment.www.wordpl.net2

Is Making Money Online a Possibility?

Is it a hobby or a business?How committed are you? A month? A year?Do you know what drives you?


Can you Make Real Money Online Comparable to a Regular Job?

Low startup costs + high returns = profitPotential to earn more over timeIts your own thing take it wherever you want!


How long will it take me to Start Making Money Online?

This aint no get-rich-quick schemeGive yourself a year, more if theres a steep learning curveGrow bigger earsWork part-time


How Can I Receive Payments For My Online Set Up?

Wire transferPayment processorsChecks



What are Online Scams and How Can I Avoid Them?

Ad clickingOnline surveysEnvelope stuffingCold callingEmail address selling


Legitimate Online Work you can do from Pakistan

Idea #1: Freelance Professional ServicesIdea #2: Make Money BloggingIdea #3: Affiliate MarketingIdea #4: Sell your own Product (eCommerce)


Idea #1: Freelance Professional ServicesUse freelance bidding sites, e.g. Elance, oDesk or GuruWork available in diverse fields: sales, marketing, writing, translation, editing, manufacturing, engineering, finance, accounting, law, administrative work (VA), web design, graphic design, web development, web programming and more Free or nominal startup costsEscrow servicesStiff competitionConsistent marketing strategyPayment via wire transfer


Idea #2: Make Money Blogging

A dedicated website (domain + hosting)Valuable content on your siteRelevant and targeted traffic to your siteAds on your siteOther monetization channels: sponsored ads, sell site in online auctionsDedicated niche


Idea #3: Affiliate Marketing

Earn commissionsPromote other peoples products servicesWebsite + trafficPayment usually by check or PayPal


Idea #4: Sell your own Product (e-commerce)

www.wordpl.netHigh satisfaction levelSell via own site or third-party sites (e.g. e-junkie, amazon, lulu)Sales/landing pageFunnel visitors to offerExceptional selling skillsKick-ass product


The 5 Must-haves for Starting an Online Biz

#1 A Website, preferably your own#2 A way to keep readers returning, preferably via an email list#3 A niche topic youre uber-passionate about#4 Promotion skills #5 Monitoring & tracking


Skills to Run an Online Business

Clear focus and directionSelf-discipline & motivationJack-of-allDelegate and automateAdaptability and flexibilityThought leadership


The Work at Home LifestyleTime ManagementFamiliarity with Marketing/Tech/Social MediaBalancing Family Commitments with WorkMental and Psychological Well-beingStartup FearFamily & Friends SupportFinancial independencewww.wordpl.net15

The Most Important Thing you Need to KnowWhy are you doing this?


Where you can find

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