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How To Draw Cyclamen


  • 4/18/13 How To Draw Cyclamen 1/11


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    How To Draw Cyclamen

    Youve been probably wondering how to draw Cyclamen. I have to admit, thisis not very easy flower to draw. Especially if there is a bunch of them inflowerpot.

    But I also want to show you that such complex and seemingly difficultflower group composition has its unique beauty.

    Youve already noticed that Cyclamen is somehow a very different flowerfrom others.

    It doesnt even have a classical flower shape.

    Its petals seems as if they grow up-side-downor down-side-up?

    It would be a good idea to begin to learn how to draw Cyclamen just fromone single flower at first.

    click the image to enlarge

  • 4/18/13 How To Draw Cyclamen 2/11

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    Later, you can (I would say, youll be able) to draw a group of Cyclamenflowers in a flowerpot like this.

    If you have really no clue how to begin, pick one singe Cyclamen flowerand draw it. Alone. No green leaves, nothing, just the flower head.

    Practice drawing shape of the petals first. They are not difficult at all.

    In fact, Cyclamen petals are very easy to draw. Pick one and draw it, youllsee to your own amazement how quickly and easily youll do it.

    Such method is similar to that which I explained on page about drawing ofCarnation flower.

    click the image to enlarge

    Today well draw Cyclamenprecisely: a bunch of them. In order to makeyour job easier, I decided to make a bit different approach.

    First I copied the silhouette of the image to tracing paper. This is the copy ofit.

    Print it out and use it, it will help you to get the basic shape of thisCyclamen group and youll get the best possible proportional balance.

  • 4/18/13 How To Draw Cyclamen 3/11

    click the image to enlarge

    Use softer B; B2 or B4 graphite pencil to make sure that the copiedsilhouettes will be easily printed (stamped) to the drawing paper.

    When its done, your first print should look something like this one above.

    click the image to enlarge

    Now, youll need two colored pencils; one pink and one light green in orderto make a basic outlines in color.

    Here youll experience and really learn how to draw Cyclamen. This step lookseasy, but I recommend drawing this part as exactly and seriously aspossible.

    While carefully observing the original drawing, outline first all petals of thisCyclamen. Only silhouettes. No shading.

    Do exactly the same with the leaves using light green color pencil. Do it all byweak and soft pencil lines over the imprinted graphite pencil traces.

  • 4/18/13 How To Draw Cyclamen 4/11

    click the image to enlarge

    Erase the remains of the graphite pencil. Color pencil lines will get a littleweaker but will remain visible.

    Gradually begin to put pink color on the petals. Notice, that the outer edgeson petals are white or almost white.

    click the image to enlarge

    Observe the veins on petals, how they grow and make your pencil strokes inexactly the same direction. Doing so, youll get a very satisfactory realisticlook.

    I marked out two arrows on the top, showing how the pencil strokes shouldbe made.

    It is a pedantic or even meticulous work, I know, but it is necessary whenyou draw Cyclamen petals.

  • 4/18/13 How To Draw Cyclamen 5/11

    click the image to enlarge

    Gradually add darker pink color tone so that the petals look more three-dimensional.

    Whichever part on the petal you shade in pink color, always make pencilstrokes parallel with the veins.

    click the image to enlarge

    Notice that the lower part on the petals is darker, almost wine-red color. Adarker red pencil would come handy here.

  • 4/18/13 How To Draw Cyclamen 6/11

    click the image to enlarge

    Take your light green pencil and outline again the silhouettes of the leaves ifnecessary.

    When you draw Cyclamen, it is good to outline the veins on the leaves sothat the shape is complete and you have a best possible overview.

    Begin to put color on each leaf, separately, leaving the vein areas whiter. Noshading at this stage yet, just plain and same color intensity everywhere.

    click the image to enlarge

    Gradually color all leaves and outline the silhouettes of the flower stems.

  • 4/18/13 How To Draw Cyclamen 7/11

    click the image to enlarge

    You are almost donealmost!

    To draw Cyclamen so that it looks nice we have to add more values into theleaves area. Some leaves are darker some are lighter.

    click the image to enlarge

    The process is simple; observe first how the darker and lighter leaves arepiling up on each other.

    Use dark green tone and for really dark shades add a very gentle black penciltouch.

    Be careful with the black color pencil. Use it gently. It is difficult to erase.

    click the image to enlarge

  • 4/18/13 How To Draw Cyclamen 8/11

    I recommend the process of putting layers. Yes, 2 or 3 layers of differentgreen color intensity.

    The work progress is slower but you have a complete control over theshading process.

    click the image to enlarge

    To draw Cyclamen may not be very easy on the first try, but I think by nowyou also admit that it is a pleasant and very satisfying work.

    click the image to enlarge

    Add color to the flower stems. Begin with dark-red or wine-red color first -very weak.

  • 4/18/13 How To Draw Cyclamen 9/11

    Then use a dark brown over the wine red color and youll get a perfectalmost realistic reddish Cyclamen stem color.

    Final touch might be to outline the edges of the petals by very thin pink colorline. Use sharp pink color pencil.

    Very gently!

    You can also create toothed edges on the leaves by sharp green color pencil.

    Finally, draw the visible small part of the flowerpot on the bottom.

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  • 4/18/13 How To Draw Cyclamen 10/11

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