How to download and install windows 8.1 with free crack ?

Download How to download and install windows 8.1 with free crack ?

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Here is the basic tutorial for step by step downloading, installing and then activating it. After the boom of windows 8 in the market, Microsoft is coming up with the windows 8.1 with something new. So go through this best dynamic to install windows 8.1 with free crack. You must install windows 8.1 as there are some new apps, utilities and technologies. Install and activating ti and review here how you feel about this new interface. By: Ansh Yadav (Webmaster and Designer)


<ul><li> 1. New calculator, sound recorder and video editing app is there. Has Internet Explorer 11 and PowerShell v4.0. The SkyDrive app is more user friendly. The search app provides integrated search result from PC, web and apps. Improved App Store that can update the installed apps automatically. </li></ul> <p> 2. You can resize the live tiles into smaller size and also turn off live functionality to save internet. You can get a snap view of apps with 25% and 75% size. Boot directly to desktop. You can disable the hotspots of upper right and left corner through settings. Pause while copying files. 3. It has support for DirectX 11.2 andResilient File System. Watch 3D movies after installing 3D drivers. 4. w w SearchSearch How to download and install windows 8.1 5. w w 6. Download Win 8Download Win 8 English 64 bitEnglish 64 bit English 32 bitEnglish 32 bit 7. Windows 8.1 product guide Microsoft has also release a beautiful product guide that explains the new features. Click the link below to download. 8. Product Key : NTTX3-RV7VB-T7X7F-WQYYY-9Y92F 9. Using this disc burning software, burn the .iso you downloaded to a DVD or USB. 10. Before you go any further, ensure all important data is backed up in case of data loss on your drives. This guide assumes you have media backups of your hard drives and you are safe to proceed. 11. Ensure you have a network cable connected, restart your computer, and boot from the DVD drive. 12. The DVD will begin to load up, and you'll be presented by the following screen as the installer starts. 13. Screen 1 14. Step 6: Once loaded you will see the following screen. Screen 2 15. Select your location, keyboard and regional language settings as required and click "next" to continue and you'll see the following box: Click "Install now" to continue with the installation Screen 3 16. Step 7: You'll then be asked to provide the product key to activate Windows. Enter the product key as written : Screen 4 17. Before you can proceed with the setup any further you're required to accept Microsoft's license terms, as below. Before you can proceed with the setup any further you're required to accept Microsoft's license terms, as above. Screen 5 18. Upgrade: It will upgrade your version of windows you already having. Custom: It will install a fresh copy and you can also run previous windows also Screen6 19. Select the correct drive to use for the installation of Windows Screen 7 20. Windows setup will then begin to install Screen 8 21. Once complete, it will reboot again and setup the computers devices and finalize the installation, as below. Screen 9 22. Select your preferred color scheme for Metro, and then name your computer. Screen 10 23. Screen 11 24. Screen 12 Enter your outlook address otherwise click on signup for a new email address 25. Screen 13 26. Screen 14 27. Screen 15 28. Screen 16 29. 30. Get hands on your windows 8Get hands on your windows 8 31. know whats Next! </p>