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<p>HOW TO DO A GOOD PRESENTATION IN PUBLIC</p> <p>HOW TO DO A GOOD PRESENTATION IN PUBLICBy Eduardo Castejn Dones</p> <p>Tips for your presentationDress smartly: don't let your appearance distract from what you are saying.Smile.Speak clearly,firmly and confidently as this makes you sound in control.Use silenceto emphasise points.Keep within the allotted time</p> <p> PRESENTATIONS SKILLS</p> <p> HAVE A STRUCTUREConsider:Who are the audience?What points do I want to get across?How much time have I got?What visual aids are available? Powerpoint projector? flip chart? Don't necessarily use these. Sometimes the best presentations are the most informal.</p> <p> INTRODUCTIONWelcomethe audience.Say what your presentation will be about:the aims and objectives.The introduction should catch the attention. Perhaps a provocative statement or a humorous anecdote:</p> <p>CONCLUSION</p> <p>Brieflysummariseyour main points.Answer any questions.Thank the audiencefor listening. Look at the audience again,smileand slow down.The end should be on a strong or positive note</p>