How to Create Facebook Ads in 8 steps

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Learn how to create Facebook ad in 8 simple steps. This article takes the example of GATE coaching center trying to generate leads through Facebook.


  • 1. How to create Facebook ads in 8 steps

2. Sign Up for FreeLike Facebook says it, Over 1 billion people. Well help you reachthe right ones.The ultimate goal for a marketer/business owner is to convertleads into customers. However, you need to get hold of themfirst, right?Running ads on social media biggie, Facebook is a time testedapproach to grab attention and get more leads for your business.2 3. Sign Up for FreeI will discuss how to create Facebook ads in 8 simple steps. Let ustake the example of a GATE coaching institute trying to capturestudent leads through Facebook.For those of you who dont know, GATE stands for GraduateAptitude Test in Engineering, and is an all India examination forEngineering in MSc, MTech and PhD programmes. (This article isrelevant for Facebook beginners). 4. Sign Up for FreeHere is how to create Facebook adsStep 1 Logging into FacebookLog into your Facebook account using your personal or businessprofile and go to the Advertise page. You will get this in thedrop down menu next to the settings button on your home page. 5. Sign Up for FreeStep 2 Start Creating Your AdYou will be led to this page as shown below. Click on the Createan Ad tab to begin the process of creating an ad for Facebook. 6. Sign Up for FreeStep 3 Select Facebook Page/Landing Page to PromoteThis is where you choose the place, page, app or event that youwould like to promote. For example: Here we are advertising apage which is dedicated toward GATE coaching. You can also addyour own URL or landing page. Check out how you can createa Facebook Landing Page for lead capture. 7. Sign Up for FreeStep 4 Set the Ad ObjectiveYour next step is named, What would you like to do? Here youcan choose to:Get more page likes: Drive more Facebook users to yourad/page.Promote page posts: Promote a particular post on your page.See advanced options: Drive traffic to your website. You canconfigure your advanced creative and pricing options. 8. Sign Up for FreeStep 5 Create the Ad copy You begin designing Your ad here. FB ads are simple, comprising 25 characterheadline and a 90 character description. You can also add a thumbnailphotograph measuring 100 pixels x 72 pixels here. You can then set the landing page of the ad. For instance, you can choose toland the visitors on your Facebook Pages timeline, or a lead capture page. 9. Sign Up for FreeStep 6 Choose your AudienceNext, you narrow down your target audience under the Chooseyour audience category. Before we begin, in the image shownbelow, see the number of people under Audience sectionbefore the filters have been set. 10. Sign Up for FreeThis is the most important step, as this is where you choose your perfect target. Location: You can micro target by location (state/city/zip code). Age: You can also target by age. Gender: You can also choose gender, based on the kind of ad you are advertising. Precise Interests: Under the Precise Interests section, you can choose intereststhat you are looking for in your target audience. 11. Sign Up for Free If you have opted for the Advanced options under the ad category, you can alsodetail down to relationship status, languages spoken, college attended andworkplace. By the process of trial and error, you can boil down your audiencefrom a whopping 167 million users in the US to as few as 1 lakh people in India ora particular city. Now, take a look at the image shown below which shows the targeted audienceonce the filters have been set. 12. Sign Up for FreeStep 7 - Campaign Pricing and Schedule Options Choose the currency, country and time zone in which you areplacing your ad. The New Campaign Name should be distinct and definite. Next, choose how much you are willing to spend for your adcampaign. 13. Sign Up for FreeStep 8 Review your Ad Once you Review your ad, you will be able to see the detailsof your ads that you have fed and how your ad will look. Next,you will be prompted to make payments for your ad. You canuse a credit/debit card, PayPal or Facebook ad coupon. 14. Generate, Nurture and Follow your LeadsSoftware for Marketing and Lead Generation teamsTry a Lead Generation Software to gain visibility and enhance leadsSign up for free