How to create a thriving online community

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Richard Millington of Feverbee's presentation at


1.Online CommunitiesHow to create a thriving online communityRichard MillingtonRichard@feverbee.comwww.feverbee.com2. $4m3. What is a community?4. 5. Theboundary6. Strong Interest7. Relationships8. 9. 10. A community isnt a binary value11. Thats great. But how do you actually do it?12. stronginterestLook for a13. Join me at The Yard14. The Coca-Cola Company is redefining the relationship between consumers and their sparkling beverages with the launch of the Sprite Yard, a real-time digital on-the-go community that provides social connections and downloadable content via their mobile phone anytime, anywhere.15. MetroTwin British Airways16. Use simpletechnology17. BackYard Chickens18. BackYard Chickens102,159 members538,129 topics6,713,360 posts (and counting)19. Generation Benz20. Virgin Media Pioneers21. Walmart22. Start small23. bigGrow24. bigGrow(slowly)25. Writeabout thecommunity26. Startinterestingdiscussions27. Build relationships28. Thank you!29. Thank you!(Applause)30. Questions?