How to create a thriving online community

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Richard Millington of Feverbee's presentation at


<ul><li>1.Online Communities<br />How to create a thriving online community<br />Richard Millington<br /><br /><br /></li></ul> <p>2. $4m<br />3. What is a community?<br />4. 5. The<br />boundary<br />6. Strong Interest<br />7. Relationships<br />8. 9. 10. A community isnt a binary value<br />11. Thats great. But how do you actually do it?<br />12. stronginterest<br />Look <br />for a<br />13. Join me at<br /> The Yard<br />14. The Coca-Cola Company is redefining the relationship between consumers and their sparkling beverages with the launch of the Sprite Yard, a real-time digital on-the-go community that provides social connections and downloadable content via their mobile phone anytime, anywhere.<br />15. MetroTwin British Airways<br />16. Use simpletechnology<br />17. BackYard Chickens<br />18. BackYard Chickens<br />102,159 members<br />538,129 topics<br />6,713,360 posts (and counting)<br />19. Generation Benz<br />20. Virgin Media Pioneers<br />21. Walmart<br />22. Start small<br />23. big<br />Grow<br />24. big<br />Grow<br />(slowly)<br />25. Writeabout thecommunity<br />26. Startinterestingdiscussions<br />27. Build relationships<br />28. Thank you!<br />29. Thank you!<br />(Applause)<br />30. Questions?<br /></p>