How to create a proper Passive Income Stream

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Making a little bit of money online is easy; creating a truly passive income that will give you financial security is more difficult. But, by following this simple process you can create that passive income stream that you deserve.



2. Get rich quick takes time Making a little money online is easy; making a lot is difficult Making a quick buck is easy; creating a sustained income stream is not Creating a truly passive income takes time and effort which is why most people never achieve it. But with a plan it gets a lot easier 3. Rung 1 of The Ladder Selling other peoples products affiliate marketing You advertise and sell a product on someone elses behalf and they give you a percentage of the sale price Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, JVZoo etc etc 4. Benefits of Rung 1 Quick and easy to do Be offering a product for sale within hours No experience needed in product development Gets the money coming in Keeps you motivated and allows you to build up funds This is your apprenticeship time where you learn Helps you understand how everything works 5. Downside of Rung 1 Youre not in charge Other peoples actions determine your success Affiliate sellers remove their products Google changes its algorithms and your profits dive You need to keep churning out new stuff Finding new products to sell Creating new ads Hardly passive 6. Rung 2 Starting to develop your own products So other people sell on your behalf Less effort for you Developing your presence Creating your blog or other online base People start to see you as an expert - TRUST Still selling other peoples products But less reliance on others as you create your own 7. Step 3 Become the recognized expert: More people buy your products People buy other products on your recommend And you take a percentage of these passive sales Build your list A list of the email addresses of those who know and trust you and who are therefore more open to buying from you in the future The key to your future independence 8. Step 4 Leveraging your position Let others do the work Employ people or use outsource facilities to produce new products and keep in contact with your followers Become a business owner Definition: someone who can go on extended vacation while their team keeps the money coming in! 9. Step 5 Financial freedom Your team keep the money coming in You do what you want to do not what you need to do You start giving back Charities, mentoring, philanthropy 10. Change of emphasis with time Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Sell other peoples products Create and sell own products Become the trusted expert Be the business owner - managing your team who create income on your behalf 11. Summary This is just a very quick run through the Passive Income Ladder concept. If youd like to get a free copy of the whole idea then click on this link If youve enjoyed this/found it useful then please go to my Facebook page and click Like and Share Thanks for reading and good luck on the journey