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1. How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation By Michael JacksonAET/545 Kathryn Wyatt December 3, 2012 2. Step 1: Open your PowerPoint program. 3. Step 2: Enter a title for your presentation in the box marked "Clickto add title." Then enter a subtitle in the box marked "Click toadd subtitle." 4. Step 3: Create a new slide. This can be achieved byclicking in the bottom section of the New Slidebutton ribbon at the top. 5. Step 4: Choosing a background. You can choose abackground by clicking on the Design tab inthe tool bar. 6. Step 5: Select a slide design. Choose a slide designfrom the thumbnails. The slide backgroundwill be applied to the WHOLE presentation. 7. Step 7: Adding images. You can add images from anywebsite (i.e., Google Images, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) oryou can just add clipart from MicrosoftPowerPoint. Click on the Insert tab in the toolbar, click on Clip Art. Type in the name ofanything that you would like a picture of. Click onthe picture and it will insert into yourpresentation. You can import pictures from yourcomputer. Just click the Insert tab, then click onPicture. from here you can add picture you like. 8. Inserting Clip Art Inserting a Picture 9. Step 7: Adding animation. From here you can add anyanimation to any picture or text. Click on theAnimations tab in the tool bar. You canchoose any animation, entrance, emphasis,or exit. 10. Step 8: Adding transition. If you would like to addtransition to your presentation, click on theTransitions tab in the tool bar. 11. Now Lets Review! 12. Questions 1. What is step 5?o Inserting imageso Choosing a backgroundo Adding animationo Select a slide design 2. How do you create a new slide?o Click layouto Click slideshowo Click new slideo Select slide design 13. Click Here 14. Click here 15. Questions 3. What is step 8?o Adding transitiono Adding imageso Choosing a backgroundo Select a slide design 4. How do you add a title to a slide?o Click click to add titleo Click new slideo Click the Design tabo Click Animations tab 16. Click Here 17. Click here 18. Summary Creating a PowerPoint is easy, fun, and itallows you to be creative. As you can see, inmy tutorial I used transitions, a littleanimation, and some audio. PowerPointpresentations can be used for businesses,educational purposes, or whatever youchoose. Now that you have the basic forcreating a presentation, GO FOR IT! Let mesee what YOU can do! 19. Resources "Create a New PowerPoint Presentation." GuidesandTutorials: FreeTutorials. N.p., n.d. Web. 3 Dec. 2012.. "How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation: 23 steps (with pictures)."wikiHow - How to do anything. N.p., n.d. Web. 3 Dec. 2012..This tutorial is uploaded on my blog: