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Here is a quick presentation on the Teachers' Centre of and tips on how to create a lesson.


  • 1. virtualmuseum.cas Teachers Centre Liven Up Your Lessons with Canadas Museums

2. The national portal for Canadian museums More than 600 virtual exhibits Close to 700 000 digital artefacts 145 games The national directory of Canadian museums with 3000 profiles The Teachers Centre Web 2.0 3. A New Reality and Environment Wired classrooms Quality authoritative content from the Web? Fully accessible copyright worry-free Educational material: Canadian, bilingual, free, credible, multimedia approach with (photo, video, animation flash and text) Unique gateway Customization, participation 4. Accessing the Teachers Centre 5. The Teachers Centre Over 1200 learning objects from Canadian Museums Free personal space to save your favourite content to create your own virtual lessons Reliable, bilingual and copyright worry free Canadian museum content The latest interactive learning tools Social Media (Twitter, Facebook) 6. 6 3. INVITE your students to interact in your virtual classroom ACCESS museum digital learning resources 1. The concept 2. CREATE and share lessons 7. Search by: Term Grade Province or Territory Or use the search box _________________ Bilingual Content Copyright Worry Free 8. Learning Resources 8 Digital AssetsLearning Object Learning Object Collection Image Text Video or Flash Bookmarking tool Like a book Like a chapter Like a paragraph 9. Class Management Blog Message Centre Features Wiki Bookmark Creation of lessons and student assignments 10. Fill the registration form and follow instructions 11. Login page once you are registered 12. Once you are registered as a teacher, you can create a student account. 13. Try search the word "biology " 14. Default setting will show you Learning Object but you can change to Collections. Letss see what this one looks like. 15. Learning objectives Name of the Learning Object Collection Learning Object that is being viewed Add content to create your lesson 16. Where your bookmarked content resides 17. How to create a lesson First, you need to know what you want to do (lesson plan). Second, find content for your lesson and bookmark (add to My Content page). Then, write a draft of what you are going to do with the content. Finally, create your lesson. 18. Click here first Then here 19. Add a title Add learning objectives You can share your lesson or keep it private Click to continue 20. You can add content from My Content Or your own text 21. Add a title Add your text Click 22. Click add Here is all the content you have added 23. To move content around Click to save 24. 24 Summary: Customized Lessons Your title Digital Asset # 1: a photo Digital Asset # 2: a Flash file Digital Asset # 3: a text Your own text Your own text Text Image Flash 25. Lessons and projects 26. JOIN TODAY! Thank you Annick Deblois Education Specialist