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In just three years, Google+ has become one of the top players in the social media networking field. With more than 3 million active users, it should be a part of any business' social media marketing strategy. While Google offers many tutorials and tours to show users how to set up their products, some people still are put off by the bells and whistles of interactive social media guidance while creating a Google+ page, or other product or channel. So we've simplified the process by creating this slideshow to help beginning Google+ users set up their first Google+ page.


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2. Overwhelmed by the thought of creating and managing a social media and content marketing plan? Were here to help. From A-Z, we set up the nuts and bolts of your online marketing strategy, and monitor and manage it all for you. CJS offers Social Media & Content Management Get Help 3. A Basic Google+ Page This is the Posts page. Next slide shows the About page. 4. Lets Get Started First, gather your business information. The next slide contains a checklist. 5. Setup Checklist Company description Contact info, including website, phone, email Cover photoMin. size 480 pixels by 270 pixels Prole photo or logo 6. Open a Google account If you havent yet, youll need to create a Google account. 7. Google+ 1. From your Gmail page, click on upper, righthand grid. 2. Click on Google+ icon from drop down menu 8. 1. Hover mouse over Home icon in upper left corner. 2. Choose Pages from drop down. 1. 2. 9. If youve never created a page, this is what you will see. Click on Get Your Page. 10. Which Business Type? Choose Storefront if you have a physical location, such as an ofce. Choose Service Area if you dont. 11. Mapping Your Business If you are listed in Google Local, when you type in your business name, it will show up in this list. If not, click on Add Your Business. 12. Business Info Fill out your business information as much as possible. ! The more, the better to be found and contacted by prospective customers. 13. Determine Service Area Use a Zip Code or miles to indicate the area your business serves. If you also have customers come to your business address (which could be your home), click the appropriate box. Keep in mind, this will reveal your address publicly. 14. Conrm & Verify Conrm your authorization to create this business listing. Click continue. Verify to publish your information. For this tutorial, we will click continue and verify later. 15. Familiarize Its a good idea to take a tour to get acquainted with Googles products. For now, well Get Started. 16. Your Dashboard The next slide shows your dashboard, where youll input your information and edits, upload photos, and later, check on your insights (trafc and engagement), see reviews of your business and more. You can also post updates from this page. 17. Click edit to add your business information 18. Inform This area is where youll put all relevant information such as contact, hours, categories and more. 19. While you may have already lled out this info in an earlier step (for Google Local and Maps), youll need to do it again for your Google+ page. Contact Info & Hours 20. Categorize Make sure you choose the categories that best relate to your business. You can add up to 5 categories. 21. Add business photos, and ll out your introduction. 22. Upload photos that reect your business location or products. For your introduction, get right to the point and let readers know what services or products your company offers. 23. Personalize Add a prole photo 24. Center & Crop Click Set as prole photo to save 25. Personalize Your Cover Click on change cover in lower righthand corner 26. Google has a Gallery to choose from, or upload your own. or Click and drag box to crop 27. Write Your First Post 28. Choose where you want to share your postsWhen ready, Share it 29. How your page will look to the public, until you start posting regularly. 30. Get Going! Now that youve got your page set, start searching for people and pages to follow and add to your Circles. Click on People from the Home drop-down menu 31. For more suggestions Add people to Circle categories 32. Search according to category Click to add all in a category 33. Auto created Circle 34. Congratulations! Youve got your rst Google+ page set, and started growing your followers base with Circles. Dont forget to take Googles tour to nd out more on how to utilize all that Google+ offers. 35. The CJS YouTube Guides Sign up to get the full series of YouTube channel optimization guides from Crackerjack Scribe. Youll get easy step-by-step instructions on how to set up and optimize your channel, and how to create and promote your videos. SIGN UP TODAY 36. Overwhelmed by the thought of creating and managing a social media and content marketing plan? Were here to help. From A-Z, we set up the nuts and bolts of your social network and blog, and monitor and manage it all for you. CJS offers Social Media & Content Management Get Help 37. Thank You!