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Couchbase Mobile in TravelZack Gramana

About MeZack GramanaSenior Mobile Software Engineer@zgramanaWho is Couchbase?Couchbase at a Glance

Fastest growing NoSQL database company4x growth in 2013Mission critical use at Internet scale400+ customers; 10,000+ paid production nodes deployed;worldwide customer baseLeader in scalability & performanceEasily & reliable scale your app; Get consistent low latency & high throughputWorldwide operations with 250+ employees100+ in engineering; Offices in US, UK, India, Japan, China (soon)

Enterprise Customers

> 400 customers; > 10,000 production nodes deployedServices and ConsumerEnterprises

5What is the business problem?Todays Mobile Apps7Try again later.No Internet

please waitHow does this affect what people think about your app?

8Doesnt work a lot of the time and when it does its slow.How does this affect application uninstall rates?

9Source: uSampData Location is the Problem10Apps that only work with local data are limited. Great for calculators, but most apps were building need to share data.

We need access to remote data even when we dont have a usable network connection. We also need changes to local data to be reflected in the remote datastore as soon as possible.10Local Data + Sync is the Solution11What does this mean for your apps?

12Always work both online & offlineAlways be blazing fastBuilt with orders of magnitude less codeUsers will absolutely love your appsWhat is Couchbase Mobile?Couchbase LiteSync GatewayCouchbase Lite

NoSQL mobile database.Runs in-process.Small footprint.Document-Oriented Database

Key-value collections, with versioningSchemalessCode fast. Run fast16

{ "session": { "Id": "session-1011", "Location": "TBA", "SpeakerIds": [ "speaker-zack-gramana" ], "Time": "2014-10-06T15:20:00", "Title": "Building the Mobile Apps with Couchbase Mobile", "Track": "Mobile" }, "type": "session"}Build indexes in your native languageResults are persisted for fast queryingJust set breakpoints to debug!MapReduce Indexes

Listen/Observe for changes.Databases, queries, replicationseven documents.Cuts down done on a ton of cruft code.Change Notifications

doc.Change += (sender, e) => {

if (e.Change.IsConflict) { // well then resolve it! }



Full multi-master replication.Continuous or ad-hoc in either direction.Change notifications & conflict detection.

CocoapodsMaven CentralNugetGithub

AuthenticationAuthorizationData orchestrationSync Gateway27

requireUser (username)requireRole (rolename)requireAccess (channels)Sync Function

channel (name)access (username, channelname)role (username, rolename)Sync FunctionProvides stream-like routing of documents29

Travel Industry Mobile ChallengesTravel Industry Mobile ChallengesOrbitz noted thatover 70% of reservations coming through smartphones are being done within a day of check-inChanging Market Behavior Industry Mobile ChallengesExpedia reported that68% of its mobile hotel reservations are done within 24 hours of the planned stayChanging Market Behavior Industry Mobile Challengesbusiness travelers are more likely to actually book their travel on mobileChanging Market Behavior Industry Mobile ChallengesThe challenge for hotels[is taking] a wide variety of different options and whittling them downquicklyCustomer Retention

35Travel Industry Mobile Challengesthe mobile user appears to view travel sites as companion channels and not a single or sole channelBrand Awareness Industry Mobile ChallengesHow well do users rate your presence in the mobile app stores?Brand Awareness37Travel Industry Mobile ChallengesTargeting multiple platformsEfficient bandwidth usageMobile data securityReduce CostsSolutionsStore availability data locallySolutionsPush changes to data immediatelySolutionsContent deliverySolutionsSecure financial transactionsSolutionsGeoJson-aware queriesNext StepsCouchbase Developer (email)@zgramana (twitter)Questions and Answers