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  1. 1. How to cook RibsRibs are a summertime favorite dish for everyone. With the right amount of seasoning, grilling,and sauce you can cook delicious ribs. There is variety of ribs that you will find in your localgrocery store. Different people have different opinions about how to cook ribs. But only fewpeople know how to do it right. But sometimes making the ribs at home can be so frustrating! Itis all because of a few little knowledge about how to cook ribs and widely used secrets. If youwant to know how to cook ribs then first of all you should understand that professional chefs usecarriage. Different chef use different styles to cook ribs. The secret for cooking ribs is that theyneed to be cook at low temperature. Professionals chefs cook all their meats this way; at 225Ffor 6 hours for ribs. Mostly chef boils the ribs before cooking but this is wrong. Never boil orsteam your ribs, I do not know where you have learnt this but never do it. If you are boiling yourribs before cooking then you are doing wrong because when you boil your ribs then flavor of themeat comes out. Concept that you are doing is the concept of making soup. All the flavors endsup in the water so do not boil or steam your ribs.The main thing is preparation. Choose your favorite spices and apply it to the ribs. Wrap themand refrigerate them overnight. If you want to make truly great rib then use do not use too muchspices, just use salt pepper. After that preheat your oven to 275 F, if you have time to wait thenyou can set oven temperature at 250 F, ribs will take about 4 hours to cook. After 4 hours yourribs will be ready to eat. The last step is how to decorate ribs. Simply take your ribs in a platewith different BBQ sauces and some leafs of mint. Now you can enjoy your delicious ribs. Insummer time you can take soft drinks or apple juice with Ribs. Summer time is the best time toenjoy this delicious dish.