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How to control your blood pressure


  • 1. HYPERTENSION: Reduce Your Risk of Heart Attack Naturally LOWER Your Blood Pressure Effectively & FOR GOOD!

2. Hypertension: (HPT) Reduce Your Risk of Heart Attack Naturally 2 Introduction and Background Information Mostly, doctors, natural, holistic, and/or mainstream, will typically with a diagnosis of high blood pressure, typically recommend, exercise, change of dietary, nutritional eating plans and lifestyle habits, and even drugs, prescription or otherwise. Hypertension is commonly referred to as "high blood pressure", and it is considered for all intents and purposes as a high-risk, not-so-good- to-suffer-from medical condition. If you have ever had interest, concern or wanted to know more about: Your blood pressure and how it affects your life, health and future, longevity, wellness, quality of life The effects of edible salt and sodium intake on the body and blood pressure, eating, diet and other related lifestyle habits that can either be helpful or harmful to you If you are a sufferer of high blood pressure and what it means exactly? What to do in a hypertensive emergency ? The different types of hypertension, high blood pressure and what causes it, contributes or worsens it? What Malignant hypertension is? How exercise and healthy eating can impact hypertension , or not? Diagnosis, Prognosis and Treatment of hypertension Living and Managing HBP, HPT - Home blood pressure monitoring and much much more then this ultimate guide to lowering your risk of getting a heart-attack, by naturally lowering your blood pressure is a great resource for all of the above and MORE! Stay tuned 3. Hypertension: (HPT) Reduce Your Risk of Heart Attack Naturally 3 It (that is HPT or high blood pressure), manifests itself in a constant and chronically elevated blood pressure. Too high and too unhealthy for comfort or to be ignored. Some also refer to it as arterial hypertension. It is a silent killer for the most part, especially when going undiagnosed and untreated. It has the highest inherent risk and/or causality, contributory factor rate for/of heart attack or stroke, than any other disease. If the condition persists over time, it is one of the major concerns for medical conditions like Strokes heart attacks heart failure arterial aneurysm chronic renal failure headaches vomiting visual impairment blindness convulsions paralysis coma And many others... EVEN DEATH! Types of Hypertension There are TWO classes or types of Hypertension for medical diagnoses. Doctors often refer to as essential (primary) HPT or secondary HPT. 4. Hypertension: (HPT) Reduce Your Risk of Heart Attack Naturally 4 According to online sources and medical dictionaries, classifications and expert opinion Essential hypertension entertains no specific medical cause for the condition to manifest. Secondary hypertension means that there is a causal or contributory cause, explanation, underlying issue that results in the high blood pressure. Some examples may include kidney disease or certain tumors. What is normal and/or considered High Blood pressure, HPT? We all have it! There is no escaping it. You need it BLOOD PRESSURE! It is an essential medical and system requirement of/for life. Blood circulated through your body to keep it running, taking oxygen, nutrients where it is needed and belongs. You need to know and understand how your body and blood pressure works, in order to keep it within optimal, balanced levels. For your blood pressure to be NORMAL is not ONE reading. Let us be clear about that it is and indicates values, readings falling into a range of metrics and readings. Blood pressure is typically what we refer to when we are talking about the force that is required in your veins/arteries to move your blood, when the heart beats and when the heart rests. These two reading make up your blood pressure level readings, higher and lower readings, systolic and diastolic. Millimeters of Mercury or mmHg is the metric used. There is an official Joint National Committee on Prevention, Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Pressure) and the scales they use and recommend for public health and medical practitioners, have recently been updated and changed to reflect healthier living levels 5. Hypertension: (HPT) Reduce Your Risk of Heart Attack Naturally 5 and actually lower readings as the ideal or normal range to ensure optimal health and well-being. Earlier, before these changes took effect, typically the standards for normal blood pressure ranges held firm, in the vicinity of 120/80 mmHg, with readings higher, between and to 139/89 mmHg as "pre- hypertension." Or diagnosis at-risk for/of developing the disease. These scales and tools help us to identify and diagnoses early, those at high or increasing risk of developing hypertension, monitor existing patients and more. Other groups and advocates in the field, like The Mayo Clinic suggests - in line with some of the most recent trends - (still lower rates of healthy blood pressure), that even 115/75 mm Hg should be the rule of thumb most of us should be living by, striving for and getting to. If you do suffer from some kidney or liver disease or a weakened immune-system for example and get diagnosed with 130/80 mmHg, you will be treated as high risk, even if this was seen as borderline diagnosis before. If you have readings in this range, it actually warrants treatment. Be sure to discuss these and recent BP readings that you might have received at your last check-up or round of medical tests, procedures with your team of medical, health and wellness professionals. Your medical well-being, care team. Many patients these days are taking on a more pro-active role in measuring, knowing, lowering and monitoring their own blood pressure. There are numerous tools at your disposal, from instruments in retail outlets and/or pharmacies, to home blood pressure monitoring devices. Choice and empowered hands-on management is advisable for you to get the best results managing, living with, lowering and even maintaining a healthy blood pressure (whatever for you 6. Hypertension: (HPT) Reduce Your Risk of Heart Attack Naturally 6 individually it might be!). You can see your blood pressure as an indicator of your heart-health. As you heart pumps blood through your body, forces and pressure are created, measured and this gives us a window into our bodies and tells us, like a barometer how we are doing in the health department. role in what gets done from this point forward. Effective Treatment And Therapies For High Blood Pressure Changing your lifestyle and habits Recommended weight loss, getting to your ideal and targeted weight, maintaining and sustaining a healthy weigth is to be a top priority, NOT putting extra strain on your heart and circulatory system for example. Activity, balanced living and regular exercise Intevening and treating mild to moderate hypertension immediately, without delay indefinite drug therapy to bring blood pressure down to a safer levels Quitting smoking, excessive amounts of alcohol and even caffeine. Minimizing stroke and heart-attach strategeis Making reducing blood pressure a top priority in any way(s) possible Diet, exercise and improved physical fitness. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables Consuming better choice food items, low fat or fat-free dairy foods moderate or low in sodium foods Herbs and natural supplements to boost your metabolism, bodily functioning, heart and circulatory systems and MORE. 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