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  1. 1. Learn Simple Relaxation Techniques for the Treatment of Anxiety Every other person in the world deals with stress and anxiety, and there are several reasons for this. They have pressure from their families, jobs, upbringing and education of children and lots of other responsibilities. Stress and anxiety can make you crazy, and it is important to know how to control anxiety to avoid its side effects. Different stress management activities can reduce your productivity; therefore, if you want to reduce the side effects of stress, it is important to learn some relaxation techniques for anxiety. This will help you to get ready for a hectic routine of the next day: Meditation It is one of the best stress management activities because you can ease anxiety. The meditation can change the neural trails of the brain and make you more flexible to stress. It is quite simple to meditate, just sit on the floor and close your eyes and focus on any phrase or a scene. You can recite, I love myself or I have peaceful surroundings. It is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress. Breathe Deeply It is another technique for the people finding how to manage stress. Take a break for 5-minute and focus on your breathing pattern. Sit comfortably while closing your eyes and keep your hands on the belly to feel its movements. Slowly inhale through the nose and feel the movements of your abdomen. If you are finding ways to relieve stress, then it will be the best technique for you. Listen to Music If you want to know how to control anxiety with simple means, then listen to your favorite music. The music may put a positive effect on your brain and body; reduce the blood pressure and production of stress hormone cortisol. You can listen to light music or natural sounds like the ocean and blowing winds. These relaxation techniques for anxiety will have some relaxing effect on your mind.