How to Cite Things You Found in Credo Reference in APA Style

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How to Cite Things You Found in Credo Reference in APA Style Remember that entries in Credo Reference are from electronic reference books, so they are cited as such. To cite one entry or article, cite it as an article in an online reference work: References list entry: Andromeda. (2010). In The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide. Retrieved from 1st and subsequent in-text citation: (Andromeda, 2010) Note: In retrieval statement, provide URL for publishers homepage, not Credo Reference URL. The results list features a list of entries in reference books. Book title Article title Publisher Copyright date Some things to keep in mind: If the article cites authors (unlike the example above), provide the authorship information. Credo Reference has a built-in citation tool which is incorrect. Simply copying and pasting from the Credo entry page will result in an incorrect citation. If you choose to continue your search in another resource using any of Credos integrated resources, you will then be using a different type of resource, and your citation will need to look different. Here are some of Credos integrated searching tools: Depending on where you continue your search, you may need to cite an article from a database OR another electronic reference work. Remember that an article from a database is cited using a DOI when available or a journal publishers URL when no DOI is available. Here are two examples of citations for articles from databases: Scholarly Journal Article with DOI (three authors) Archbold, C.A., Hassell, K. D., & Stichman, A. (2010). Comparing promotion aspirations among female and male police officers. International Journal of Police Science & Management, 12, 287-303. doi:10.1350/ijps.2010.12.2.175 1st in-text citation: (Archbold, Hassel, & Stichman, 2010) Subsequent: (Archbold et al., 2010) Scholarly Journal Article without DOI [Electronic from database] (two authors) Ingram, J. D., & Triadafilopoulous, T. (2010). Rights, norms, and politics: The case of German citizenship reform. Social Research, 77, 353-382. Retrieved from 1st and subsequent in-text citation: (Ingram & Triadafilopoulous, 2010) Note: Journals home page URL is cited in retrieval statement.


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