How to Cite Things You Found in Credo Reference in APA Style

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<ul><li><p>How to Cite Things You Found in Credo Reference in APA Style </p><p>Remember that entries in Credo Reference are from electronic reference books, so they are cited as such. </p><p>To cite one entry or article, cite it as an article in an online reference work: </p><p>References list entry: </p><p>Andromeda. (2010). In The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide. Retrieved from </p><p> </p><p>1st and subsequent in-text citation: (Andromeda, 2010) </p><p>Note: In retrieval statement, provide URL for publishers homepage, not Credo Reference URL. </p><p>The results list </p><p>features a list </p><p>of entries in </p><p>reference </p><p>books. </p><p>Book title </p><p>Article title </p><p>Publisher </p><p>Copyright date </p></li><li><p>Some things to keep in mind: </p><p> If the article cites authors (unlike the example above), provide the authorship information. </p><p> Credo Reference has a built-in citation tool which is incorrect. Simply copying and pasting from the Credo entry </p><p>page will result in an incorrect citation. </p><p>If you choose to continue your search in another resource using any of Credos integrated resources, you will then </p><p>be using a different type of resource, and your citation will need to look different. </p><p>Here are some of Credos integrated searching tools: </p><p> Depending on where you continue your search, you may need to cite an article from a database OR another electronic </p><p>reference work. Remember that an article from a database is cited using a DOI when available or a journal publishers </p><p>URL when no DOI is available. </p><p>Here are two examples of citations for articles from databases: </p><p> Scholarly Journal Article with DOI (three authors) Archbold, C.A., Hassell, K. D., &amp; Stichman, A. (2010). Comparing promotion aspirations among female and male police </p><p>officers. International Journal of Police Science &amp; Management, 12, 287-303. doi:10.1350/ijps.2010.12.2.175 1st in-text citation: (Archbold, Hassel, &amp; Stichman, 2010) Subsequent: (Archbold et al., 2010) </p><p> Scholarly Journal Article without DOI [Electronic from database] (two authors) Ingram, J. D., &amp; Triadafilopoulous, T. (2010). Rights, norms, and politics: The case of German citizenship reform. Social </p><p>Research, 77, 353-382. Retrieved from </p><p>1st and subsequent in-text citation: (Ingram &amp; Triadafilopoulous, 2010) Note: Journals home page URL is cited in retrieval statement. </p></li></ul>


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