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<p>How to Choose Suitable Arts &amp; Crafts Toys For Kids</p> <p>Arts and crafts kits have proliferated in toy stores in recent years, a trend I applaud. These activities allow a child to express her creativity, build fine-motor and other developmental skills, and gain a sense of accomplishment. Working on a project with your child is a great chance to model patience and perseverance, and to build a bond of fun times together.</p> <p>Arts &amp; Crafts and Construction Toys go together because they are similar in many ways. Whether your child is creating a piece of jewelry, a model car, or a Lego castle, the benefits and play value of these toys make them the perfect choice for everyday play.</p> <p>Following are some good choice Arts &amp; Crafts Toys for KidsPlastic Printed Egg Shells Easter Egg DIY Painting</p> <p>Amazing plastic eggs for DIY painting, these eggs are pre-printed with various patterns which need color filling. Pigments and a painting brush are included in the package to fulfill your painting work. Interesting plastic eggs are suitable for both children and adults.</p> <p>Description: 6 plastic egg shells are printed with different patterns</p> <p> Come with pigment and brush, get yourself ready for painting</p> <p> Hanging / tying loops for easy attaching with the finished work</p> <p> Bring extra fun to your kids' painting, as well as adults</p> <p> Size (H x Dia.): Approx. 2.5 x1.9 / 6.4 x 4.7</p> <p> Material: Plastic</p> <p> Color: Multiple color (yellow, pink, green, white, shocking pink, etc), random delivery</p> <p>Package Included: 6 x DIY Eggs</p> <p> 1 x Painting Brush and Pigments</p> <p>Card Making Scrapbooking Craft Punch Paper Shaper - Girl</p> <p>This is a brand new girl-themed Paper Craft Punch. Easy to use. A press of the thumb produces an exquisite cutout images every time. It can be used to create beautiful shapes of paper cuts, elegant handmade cards, scrapbook pages, gift tags, gift wrapping papers and more.</p> <p>Item Details: Condition: 100% brand new</p> <p> Weight: 29g</p> <p> Material: Hard plastic and sturdy metal</p> <p> Size of Punch Out Craft measures about 0.4inch (10mm) diameter</p> <p> Assorted Color: Baby blue, baby pink, pink, medium slateblue, light green or maybe some else color, we send ONE paper punch at random</p> <p> Not for children under 3 years</p> <p>Package Includes:1 * girl-themed paper craft punchFor more cool gadgets, please refer to suntekstore</p>