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Learn how to trade on the stock market and buy shares with Share Wealth Systems’ Intelledgence software. We educate, guide and support you to achieve portfolio growth.


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How to Buy Shares

Shares of stock are not just pieces of paper. Instead, they represent part-ownership of a company. When you purchase stock, you are in fact purchasing a portion of a business.

While new technology (such as online brokerages) makes the act of purchasing stock quicker and easier than ever, the process of understanding, researching, and selecting an investment.Step-by-Step Guide on How to Buy Share Decide What Type of Shares You Want to BuyChoose a StockbrokerSelect the Company (Share) You Want to Purchase

Individual sharesOrdinary sharesPreference shareContributing sharesCompany issued optionsRedeemable Deferred SharesFounder SharesTypes

Earn DividendsCapital AppreciationReceive Bonus Shares


Rights IssueShares can be PledgedHigh LiquidityEase of trading

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