How to Build Your Own Wordpress Website - A Beginners Guide

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The NON Technical Manual to Website Building


<ul><li><p>How to Build Your Own Wordpress Website - A BeginnersGuide </p><p>The NON Technical Guide to Web-site Construction </p><p>Website or blog construction is not difficult now-a-days and now there is definitely no reasonto be a programming geek . Anyone , non-technical or not , can use an impressive contentmanagement system known as WordPress . You can actually build a professional-qualitywebsite without ever looking at a single line of programming code . </p><p>This content management system will take your pictures , your textual content , videos , andother content material , and add it into its database , maintaining just about everythingautomatically for you . All you need to do is add content material ! </p><p>How WordPress Functions </p><p>WordPress has got two sides to it : one in which you to add content in the admin area andone that display your content to the world . Therefore basically there is the inside and theoutside . The customers only is allowed to see the outside view . </p><p>It Is Simple To Add Content </p><p>Once you have installed WordPress you can add content basically like you would in aMicrosoft Word document . Then you can format your text and add photos . Whenever youare ready to send this content to the publish status , you only have to push a simple publishbutton . </p><p>You Can Alter Old Posts and Pages </p><p>Other parts of the WordPress admin user interface let you edit or delete old pages , managecomments from your readers , and install fantastic plugins to help you add amazing featuresto your site . </p><p>The Wordpress Platform Makes You Look Like a Professional </p><p>WordPress uses an easy point-and-click interface which makes managing your site easy . Italso applies to changing your website theme . It is also as easy as pressing a button . </p><p>But dont take my word for ityouve definitely seen a WordPress website beforeabout 1 in3 active web-sites on the Web use WordPress today . </p><p>WordPress Installed and Operating in Five Minutes Flat </p></li><li><p>Without a doubt this really is true ; you can setup WordPress within a matter of minutes andget started with adding content today . You can download this free PDF to create a websitethat will not only help you install your website ; it will also help you modify settings .</p></li></ul>