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How to build your list using wordpress - if you would like to view the tutorial, get the workbook AND 21 Ways to build your list special report, visit


  • 1. How To Build Your ListUsing WordPress

2. Think Email Marketing is Dead? Think again! Studies show: 77% of consumers prefer to get permission-basedmarketing communications through email 44% of email recipients made at least 1 purchasebased on promotional emails Company email spending increases by 10% eachyear For every $1 spent on email marketing, the companysees an average return of $44.20 3. Key Elements to a SuccessfulCampaign Compelling subject line Relevant call to action Both of these elements affect the open rate &conversion rate The more subscribers or qualified prospects youhave, the better your results 4. How Does WordPress Fit In? WordPress is a powerful web-publishingplatform Easy to use for both visitors & business owners Templates, plugins & widgets allow for easycustomization Decide on your goal & use WordPress & all itsfeatures 5. Choose the Right Theme Themes dictate how your website looks There are many thousands of themes suitablefor all niches & industries There are even themes designed just for listbuilding! 6. What to Look for in a Theme Theme features What makes the theme different, functional & useful For listbuilding: Does the theme come with built-in email managementfeatures? Does the theme offer the ability to create a singlesqueeze page to capture email addresses? Does the theme allow you flexibility in placing youropt-in box? 7. What to Look for in a Theme Plugin compatibility Do you want a plugin to create opt-in boxes &manage your emails? Do you want to use a social media sharing plugin? Is your theme compatible with these chosen plugins? Where to find themes The WordPress repository Reputable designers, such as StudioPress,DIYThemes or WooThemes 8. Integrating Popular Email Managers Some of the top email & autorespondermanagers are: Aweber Get Response MailChimp Constant Contact iContact Each of these easily integrate with WordPress 9. Integrating Popular Email Managers Adding opt-in boxes is easysimply create it inyour email manager & copy/paste the code toyour website If you use an email management plugin or script,you may experience some deliverability issues These systems are better to use in terms ofdeliverability 10. Streamline Your Design When it comes to email signups, consistencyhelps Visitors expect your opt-in form to be in thesame location of every page & to look the same Can you create a landing page with your theme? This option removes the header, footer & navigationso there are no distractions Simply add some text, offer a freebie & include youropt-in form 11. Notable Theme Developers Theme Forest WooThemes Elegant Themes StudioPress Themify Each of these developershas multiple themes withstrong foundations youcan use for listbuilding Generate by StudioPressoffers an opt-in form rightunder the header 12. Notable Themes Terrifico The Morning After (WooThemes) Whiteboard Eleven-forty (StudioPress) Generate Theme (StudioPress) These themes will provide you with a good startingpoint Compare your needs with the theme features 13. Create Focus on Your opt-in Your site needs to: Bring in traffic Keep the readers attention Motivate readers to opt-in to your list Studies show placing an opt-in form in the rightsidebar or right side of header attracts the mostattention 14. One Theme Example 15. Listbuilding Strategies What are your goals? What steps do you need to accomplish them? Keep your website free of distractions Use a squeeze page to capture emails Place opt-in forms in other locations of yourwebsite In the header - After posts In the footer - On thank you pages In the upper right sidebar 16. Email opt-in Forms These forms capture the name & email addressof your subscribers Eye-catching forms usually get more attention Pop-ups Shows up on your page while the visitor is reading Catches attention but can also be distracting You can set it to fade at a certain interval Can include a close feature so people can close it 17. Email opt-in Forms Headers & footers Positioned right below or inside your header Footer form can be used in conjunction with headerform Sidebar Best location is upper right sidebar Test the upper left sidebaryou might be surprised atthe results 18. Example of Header opt-in 19. Email opt-in Forms In text & comment forms Include within the body of your blog posts or articles Use a plugin that adds people when they comment Make it easy for people to subscribe Ask for a minimal about of information Name & email are the standard Asking too many questions may deter people 20. Clear Calls to Action Visitors need to be guided or told what to donext on your website Keep your calls to action simple &straightforward Every page, post, article, guest blog post & opt-inform should have a call to action What do you want your reader or visitor to donext? 21. Email Opt-in Offers A freebie that your reader receives in exchangefor giving their email address eBooks / Reports Webinars / Seminars Workbooks DVDs / Video downloads Interviews / Audio content eCourses delivered over several days Checklists / Mindmaps Sample book chapters / Coupon codes 22. Email Opt-in Offers What type of offer would be most valuable toyour reader? What offer couldnt they resist? Upload it to the Media Library section of your website Create a download page only for subscribers Use SEO plugin to set the page to no-index or no-archive Add a link to your incentive Set this page URL as your thank you page 23. Marketing Your Opt-in Offer Market & promote the offer Create a specific marketing strategy Advertise on Google or Facebook Promote it on social media Encourage others to share the link Hold a contest or giveaway 24. Listbuilding Plugins Plugins add extra functionality to your website When comparing free plugins with paid versions,always read the reviews, the guarantee policy &the technical support 25. Hybrid Connect Create opt-in forms Place opt-ins anywhere on your site Use in pop-ups Place forms within your video posts Ask people to opt-in when they leave a comment Integrates with Go To Webinar & FacebookConnect 26. MaxBlogPress Subscriber Magnet Create wide variety of opt-in forms Place forms anywhere on your site Allows you to send a personal message tocommenters along with a sign up form Create header or footer opt-ins Integrates with Facebook Connect When people are subscribed, they can see yoursite without the opt-in box 27. Opt-in Skin Add opt-ins to your pages or posts using ancustomized skin Easy to use & personalize Split-test your forms Add social sharing buttons to forms Integrate opt-in forms with popularautoresponder services 60-day money-back guarantee 28. Pippity Create pop-up opt-in forms Split-test forms Integrate with your chosen email tool Choose when the pop-up form will appear 29. Opt-in Monster Integrates with popular email services Create lightbox pop-ups, floating bars, sidebarslide-ins, full page takeovers Perform A/B testing Allows page level targeting Exit-intent technology Full scale analytics & reports 30. PlugMatter Feature Box Places opt-in box right under your header Customize professionally designed templates Add your own custom design Split testing Ability to turn form off for those who havealready subscribed Compatible with most autoresponder services 31. Subscribe2 Free plugin Full scale mailing list management system Manage opt-ins & confirmations Widget to add your opt-in form to your site Keep in mind most web hosts have limits onhow many emails can be sent out Large lists will likely have to be exported to anemail system 32. Optin Revolution: WordPress Popup Free plugin Create & position pop-ups on your site Integrates with popular autoresponder services 33. Basics of Listbuilding Make it easy to subscribe Offer a great incentive Create clear calls to action Promote 34. Resources - Autoresponders 35. Resources Theme Developers 36. Resources - Themes 37. Resources - Plugins 38. 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