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  1. 1. How To Build Your ID Portfolio Based off The Portfolio Handbook, UCID 12 10 Essential Tips for Creating that Killer Portfolio, Brian long Portfolio basics, Carly Hagins
  2. 2. What Are They Looking For And what should you include in your portfolio
  3. 3. Skills to show
  4. 4. Know Your Audience You only get a few seconds to impress them
  5. 5. Show only your best work Start on a high note; end on a high note Dont include work you arent confident in
  6. 6. How To Begin And create order
  7. 7. Dont be boring! Tailor the voice of your portfolio to fit your personal design style
  8. 8. Tell a story with your product visualization But keep each page clean and concise
  9. 9. Establish Order Is the most important content the most prominent? How does the focus relate to the content around it?
  10. 10. Putting The Document Together And making it look professional
  11. 11. Use InDesign Its the best program. Period.
  12. 12. Use Grids to layout your content Its critical to have a consistent and logical alignment throughout your portfolio
  13. 13. Only use 2 typefaces Sans-Serif works good for titles and taglines Serif works well for large paragraphs of text
  14. 14. Less is more! No crazy logos, fonts or punctuation Let people focus on your work
  15. 15. Overall layout
  16. 16. Keep your resume clean and concise
  17. 17. Show only your most recent top 10 projects
  18. 18. Telling Your Story Your portfolio is a conversation. How you lay it out is how helps direct that conversation.
  19. 19. Chronological Method The traditional method for storytelling
  20. 20. Product Manual Method For when you just want to showcase your final solution
  21. 21. Skill highlight method When you just want to showcase what your great at
  22. 22. Cover page/Problem Statement Dont overdo the graphic content Keep message simple and unique
  23. 23. Research Make your most important thoughts stand out quickly Highlight the issues you honed in on Use research to demonstrate how you think about problems
  24. 24. Ideation Dont just cover pages with sketches Link your research to your sketches and communicate your thought process
  25. 25. Sketches Vary the sizes of the sketches (important sketches are the biggest) and overlap them to lead the viewers Add shading and a touch of color to make certain sketches stand out but dont over- do it
  26. 26. Finalization Here is your chance to show off your final design
  27. 27. On A Final Note Finishing up your portfolio
  28. 28. Ask for Feedback Learn from your peers, professors and professionals
  29. 29. Digital vs. Print Design your portfolio based on your medium
  30. 30. Its a living document Update your portfolio every 6-12 months