How to build CDN for your website

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1. How to build CDN for yourwebsiteMartin KulovMicrosoft Regional Director, VS ALM MVP 2. State of WWW today Average page size is 25% bigger From avg 626kB up to 784kB For just one year! Almost 1MB by the end of this year! 3. Website Users Many have broadband network Many of them do not Mobile users are increasing Tablets are going strong All users expect page to load in ~2sec 4. US mobile data traffic 5. Page Load Time for Mobile 6. Typical web app today Loads in 10sec Have ~80 resources (img, css, js) Have just one web server 7. Webpage Waterfall Fail 8. Connection View Fail 9. What can you do today? Get content closer to users Load resources in parallel Use Content Delivery Network (CDN)aka Edge Caching Network (ECN) Or built similar one by yourself 10. Webpage Waterfall OK 11. Connection View OK 12. Benefits Increased Speed Price Optimization Load Balancing 13. Existing CDN Microsoft Ajax CDN Google Libraries Telerik Extensions CDN 14. Using On Premise CDN 15. How web worksDNS Host Web ServerIPHome.aspx Browser HTML gif, jpg, css, js~ x80 ... 16. How web works with CDN Web ServerDNS HostHome.aspxIP HTML Browser ...gif, jpg, css, jsEdge Servers 17. DNSgeoDNSNetmask orderingRound robin 18. IIS URL rewrite response HTML Caching output, kernel Static server To blob or not to blob MS Research Application Request Routing 19. DEMO: UrlRewrite and ARR 20. Using Cloud CDN 21. Windows Azure CDN Move the content closest to clients 99.9% monthly SLA Used by Windows Update, BingMaps Deliver static content Deliver streaming media 22 locations inUS, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South 22. Setting up Azure CDN Azure Subscription Storage account Blob container Custom domain name 23. Pricing $0.12/GB from Europe and NorthAmerica $0.19/GB from other locations $0.01/10,000 transactions 304 requests also generate traffic Not enabled by default in IIS 24. DEMO: Window Azure CDN 25. Nokia Kindle!