How to Build and Grow a Loyal Community Online with Aaron Kilby #ViralChat

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<ol><li> 1. VIRALCHAT#VIRALCHAT WITHHOST @POSTPLANNER ANDSPECIALGUESTAARONKILBY @KILBY76 THURSDAY,JUNE4,2015 HOWTOBUILDANDGROWALOYAL COMMUNITYONLINE WHATDOESACOMMUNITYMEANTOYOU? WHATADVICEDOYOUHAVEFORSOMEONE JUSTSTARTINGOUT,TRYINGTOBUILDAN ONLINECOMMUNITY? HOWDOYOUBUILDTRUSTWITHYOUR COMMUNITYANDSTANDOUT? SHOULDBUSINESSESCONSIDERUSING TWITTERCHATSASAPLATFORMTOGROWA COMMUNITY? HOWDOYOUKEEPINTOUCHWITHYOUR COMMUNITY? Community to me means a group of like minded people there to make real connections and share things that they have in common. When starting a new community the first thing to do is find out where all of your potential followers hangout. Be real with your community and they will be real back! Twitter chats are a great way to bring in new followers each week. Its a great way to continuously grow your community. Since starting the #MediaChat community we have started a Facebook and G+ group for us all to post and share in. Ive met a lot of great and like minded people through twitter chat, its opens my World to a lot of possibilities. A community is a group of people who are engaged, share, and enjoy interaction. A community is a conscientious group where everyone is willing to give. They give of their time, attention and support. Make list of twitter chats your community attends. And surf for other fresh forums to offer expanded dialogue options. Twitter chat is my engaging, interactive centerpiece of building community. Build trust by consistently being trustworthy. Walk your talk/follow thru. Be truly interested in other ppl/help them succeed. Be real, be you, and use your voice. Your authentic voice. Consistency. If you create the expectation youll be there, the followers can show up. To keep in touch with your community, constantly engage with them (and use twitter lists). One thing I learned was to be very patient. Building communities doesnt happen over night. It requires time and effort. Aaron Kilby #viralchat Aaron Kilby #viralchat Aaron Kilby #viralchat Aaron Kilby #viralchat Aaron Kilby #viralchat Abel Udoekene #viralchat Ahna Hendrix #viralchat Rebekah Radice #viralchat Andrew Pelletier #viralchat Jeremy Murphy #viralchat LUCYrk #viralchat MidAtlantic Foodie #viralchat Rachel Moore #viralchat Aaron Lee #viralchat Kayla Chatkiewicz #viralchat #VIRALCHATBYTHENUMBERS 2020 TWEETS 2.3M REACH 140M IMPRESSIONS @VIRALCHAT </li></ol>