How to Build an Online Marketing Strategy

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Post on 25-May-2015


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Building an online marketing strategy takes time and know-how. Learn the pieces of an online marketing strategy you should include and get ideas on how to build your own.


<ul><li> 1. HOW TO BUILD ANONLINEMARKETINGSTRATEGY</li></ul> <p> 2. Building an Online MarketingStrategy Building an online marketing strategy is slightlydifferent for every company based on theintended target audience. For example, ayoung target audience will rely heavily onsocial media and blogs, whereas an olderaudience will depend more on online reviewsand branded content. Give your audience whatwill work for them. 3. 1. Strategy There are 5 parts to an online strategy: 1. Content: Any written content online,even if its not directly on your website.This may include company blogs, guestblogs, landing pages, promotionalmaterials, eBooks, or whitepapers. 2. Video: Over 60% of people are visuallearners and connect more to video. Howare you utilizing this? What kind of videosdo you want? How many can you make? 4. 3. PPC: Pay-per-click advertising works forbusinesses when ads are placed correctly. Thinkabout where your audience is and what they areviewing. 4. SEO: What terms are your target audiencesearching? What vocabulary does your audience usefor your product or service? 5. Social Media: How many platforms will you use?How frequently will you post, tweet, reply, andinteract? 5. 2. SWOT Analysis Strengths: What is your company already goodat? Weaknesses: What could use work? Whatchallenges have you been ignoring? 6. Opportunities: What could you become betterat? What are you missing out on that couldeasily be started or taken? Threats: Who are your competitors? What arethey doing to compete? 7. 3. Set Goals Set SMART goals (specific, measurable,attainable, relevant, time-bound) for yourself,your company, and individual departments thatwork together for one larger goal. These goals determine your progress. 8. 4. Establish a Strategy When your goals are set, what elements ofonline strategy can be utilized to meet yourgoals? How can you efficiently use your strategy? 9. 5. Write an Executive Summary In order to determine progress and find futuresuccess, you need to write out your goals andstrategy every time you set a new strategy. Use this summary to set future goals. 10. Sprint Marketing Sprint Marketing is a marketing companyready to help with your online digital marketingstrategy template. Contact Sprint Marketing at for a FREEleads analysis. </p>