How to Build a Website for Your Audience

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When Building A Website the ideas around it should not come from you or your designer. The design and user interface should be based around your audience. Join me as I go through the traits that make websites work and are not just another website.


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2. About me 10 years experience in strategising, creating, developing web solutions, lead funnels and optimizing conversions for ASX200 listed companies, large and small online retailers and small businesses.phillipparisisLectured in web design principles and digital marketing strategy, as well as workplace experience from both client side and agency perspective. 3. #ABCSWEBINAR 4. The Flow Why you need a website A complex situation Tips to leverage your online presence 5. WHY YOU NEED IT 6. AUSTRALIA ONLINE 14.3 mill Aussies go online monthly 72% of those go online everyday 7.8 mill Aussies shop online 75% of purchases are from Aussie retailers More than Aussies have smartphones 32% access internet through mobile 2012 7. DONT MISS OUT 2007/08Aussie businesses receiving online orders...23.7%Income earned by Aussie businesses from online orders...$81b2011/12+4.3% +192.7%28.0%$237bSource: ABS 2012 8. ASIA ONLINEBy 2020, online sales in Asia to exceed US$650bn Greater than combined sales of US, UK, Japan, France and Germany(Australian Trade Commission 2013) 9. EXPANDING YOUR REACH 10. TRENDS AND IDEAS 11. SHOP ONLINE / PICK UP IN STORE 12. TRADITIONAL SHARING 13. SOCIAL SHARING 14. GOING MOBILE 15. RESPONSIVE DESIGN 16. GAIN TRUST THROUGH PROOF 17. WHY IS PLANNING IMPORTANT? Planning will save You Time & Money 18. Remember 19. Plan your website for your audience 20. Join us @ DEP Digital Enterprise Program An Australian Government initiative aimed at helping organisations succeed online. Free two-hour workshops on a variety of topics that I have discussed today, in a small group with practical activities. Free follow up 4 hours one-on-one strategy session Inner South West / Sutherland South West / Outer South West North Sydney / Hornsby & Ryde City & Inner South / Eastern Suburbs 21. A complex situation 22. Lets go back 23. What is a website? 24. Websites are a tool designed for people 25. Unfortunately peop dont always act rationally 26. Especially when it comes to using websites 27. Thats why we have different websites in all different shapes, colours and sizes 28. We all know what a website looks like right? 29. Well I know what youre thinking This is the age of Ask Google and stalk my friends on Facebook. 30. But in reality a website looks a lot like this. 31. A whole lot of code put together to look something like this 32. So how do you design a tool for a irrational world? 33. You must understand the 5 traits that are hard-coded in our brains 34. Trait #1 Collecting Trait #2 Social Validation Trait #3 Reciprocity Trait #4 Commitment Trait #5 Discovery 35. Trait 1#Collecting 36. We like to collect things We like to complete our collections 37. We want to complete 38. Trait 2#Social Validation 39. We love to jump on the bandwagon 40. We often do it online 41. Trait 3#Reciprocity 42. Our need and tendency to want to give something back when something is received 43. How it happens online 44. Trait 4#Commitment 45. Small steps lead to bigger commitments 46. Commitments online 47. Trait 5#Discovery 48. Our curiosity helps us discover 49. Curiosity keeps us online 50. Our traits are what the big guys use to sell to us! 51. When building a website consider your audience 52. Their traits and emotions will turn them into customers 53. Leverage your online presence 54. Why you need leverage As of January 2014 there are around 861,379,000 registered host names, which is an increase of around 350,000 compared to December 2013. 55. LEVERAGE = TRAFFIC 56. #1 Strategies to drive traffic A) Content Strategy (Formally known as SEO) B) Social Media C) Paid Advertising 57. Content Strategy (SEO) Tips 1) Consider your audience 2) Write EPIC content 3) Become the authority 58. Social Media Tips 1) Share EVERYTHING 2) Content curation is not cheating 3) All roads lead to home 59. Paid Advertising Tips 1) Get it done right 2) If you cant track it dont do it 3) Return on investment is not a goal its a strategy 60. Q&A