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Article by Martha Stokes


  • TechniTrader B104 Weekly Stock Review 091914


    How to Build a Watchlist of Strong Stocks with a Scan

    Last week we talked about the value of Scans for choosing stocks to invest in that are right for YOU and

    YOUR goals, not some guru or recommendation service. We also created a simple scan in Scans are a great way to evaluate the overall market conditions, how to trade,

    where the institutions are buying or selling and how most stocks are moving within their trends.

    At TechniTrader we create many different scans to help our students both analyze the market

    conditions to understand which market participants are dominating the bulk of the trading activity,

    which informs how stock price action is most likely to behave, and also scans to help students specialize

    and customize their trading to give them an edge in the stock market, rather than follow the crowd.

    By using the correct Scans, you can do a couple of very important things:

    You can actually see into the market.

    You can choose strong stocks for a watchlist to buy or sell when the chart patterns set up for an


    Today our simple scan from last week pulled up only 4 stocks, an interesting piece of information for

    what is going on in the market right now, since last week it brought up 14 stocks.

  • TechniTrader B104 Weekly Stock Review 091914


    Only 4 stocks in a scan that started with a list of 400 tells us that very few stocks in the 5 to 25 dollar

    range have moved with volume above their average volume over the last 30 days.

    Meanwhile, on this particular day, the Dow had a breakout move above prior highs.

    Understanding which market participants trade the largest big name-brand stocks of the Dow actively

    and who trades lower-priced stocks actively for long term growth potential gives insight into the

    undercurrents of the Velocity market occurring on the Dow 30 index. This is part of what we at

    TechniTrader call Relational Analysis.

    For our scan today, were going to use the Sort tool, which is another great tool that you can use in

    charting programs. Well use the sorting column % Change for this example. This puts the stocks in the

    scan in order from highest to lowest percentage change for the day so you can start studying the charts

    from the top of the list with the biggest gainers.

    Now that we have screened down 400 stocks to just 4 stocks, and have sorted the list by percentage

    change, it is time to study the charts to see if there is anything of interest to study for a potential stock


  • TechniTrader B104 Weekly Stock Review 091914


    Exelis Inc. (NYSE: XLS) is moving up out of one of the newer bottom formations called a Basing Bottom.

    We can also see that the stock price is moving in a swing style trendline pattern right now and that a

    fast-moving run has been underway for 15 days. Another important detail to notice is that the green

    Volume Bars are getting smaller as the run continues up. These details help you consider whether you

    should put the stock on a watchlist to wait for the inevitable end of the run or if youll try to get what

    may be less than a dollar more in the run from a late swing style entry. These are just a few of the vital

    pieces of information that tell you whether the stock is suited to your approach to trading. Today, well

    put this stock on a watchlist to see what happens as it reaches some resistance in the price history just


    So now we need to create a Watchlist so we can save the stock to come back to later. In, click the Add Portfolio link at the top of the chart next to the company name to

    add the stock to an existing watchlist or create a new personal watchlist.

  • TechniTrader B104 Weekly Stock Review 091914


    These are just a few examples of techniques to use for a better, more personalized way of choosing

    stocks to trade or invest in than just acting on the advice of others, who may not have the same goals as

    you. At all times, investors and traders must be at the helm of decisions made for making income or

    building wealth from trading in the stock market. Smart investors learn techniques that improve their

    chances for good investment returns.

    If you are a beginner, watch the video for beginner investors and traders at If you

    are a more advanced trader with some trading experience, then watch the advanced video. Both are

    accessible from the buttons on our home page at

    Trade wisely,

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