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How does a bare-bones nonprofit manage to create a strong and consistent online and social media presence without spending big $$ and hiring a team? Same way it manages other projects: volunteers! But every NPO knows that even the best volunteers need support and coaching, and every volunteer project needs management. That can make it seem daunting or, worse, as a resource drain. This presentation will specifically walk-through how organizations can create and implement a plan for a volunteer-based online presence that builds connections to community, heightens cause awareness, raises funds and brings valuable rewards. Using a case study compare/contrast of two national nonprofits plans for blogs and social media, learn: Mobilizing and selecting volunteers Planning and tasking Organizing with schedules and deadlines Planning content Pros and cons of models: regular contributors, guest contributors I speak in takeaways. Audience members will walk away with a sense of can do!


  • 1. How to Build a VolunteerBlog with Form & FunctionJulie Pippert, Founder and Director, Artful Media Group, Inc. @jpippert on TwitterJulie Pippert on LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Facebook

2. Who I Am Im Julie Pippert (@jpippert on Twitter, Julie Pipperteverywhere else in the online and offline world) I have a dog, 4 cats, 3 generations of wild cardinalsI track, and someday Id like a pygmy goat. My twochildren are on board, my husband not so much. Professionally, Ive advocated for clients andemployers through writing, mainly technology, healthcare, political, and nonprofit, and also throughcommunication strategy. I also avidly volunteer and/or donate in those sameareas of interest plus The Arts, which I adore. Thisincludes American Cancer Society, MDAnderson, NOW, Planned Parenthood of GulfCoast, certain candidates, education, a localplayhouse, PBS, and more. 3. What are you doing? Lets get to knoweach other a bit andtalk about What yourorganization isdoing with bloggingnow What you hope todo Questions you have Goals for thispresentation 4. Do blogs really benefityour organization? Tell your storyPeople are more likely to donate and Tell other stories that engageand compel actionparticipate when: Asked by a friend or Provide updates andacquaintancenews, happenings of interest When it is easy Explain why and purpose ofevents Principles of When they understand the purpose Persuasion Share events and photos etc. When they know wherefrom events resources go Give a face to yourWhen they know resultsorganization:employees, volunteers, supporters, board, etc. 5. Quick Exercise 1 Grab your paper and pen (or Smart Whatever) and jot down:Stand out and be heard3 things you could shareon a blog3 things you wish youdget for your organization Attract the masses (and their help)from your blog 6. Elements of a Good BlogNotpictured:MagicalFairy Dustor PixieDust (asyouprefer) 7. Other Elements Tell me: what do YOUlove to read and whatdrives YOU to act? Tell me something good!And then whathappened? I loveserials and updates! 8. How to Make it AllHappen Make a plan, Stan (Make it SMART)Group Q: How does your organization plan? One person? Team?Collaboration? Brainstorm sessions? Designated plan writer? 9. Step 1: Choose YourMethod Single Contributor vs. Multi-Contributor Open Access vs.Moderated/Edited VoiceSingle Contributor whomanages, writes most ofthe content, coordinateswith organization, andfills in with occasionalguest posts andinterviews, strongly tiedto social mediacommunity (conversationrich source for content) 10. Step 2: Be Organized Editorial Calendar Schedule: Assignments, D eadlines, and Tasks 11. Step 3: Be Clear These are rules but try for You have to lay it all out lesscomplex. And readable by all. In writing And share it Where appropriate 12. Step 4: RecruitVolunteers Method Volunteers can give aface, voice and storyto your organizationand blog, whileRegularmaking it do-able forGuestsyous Inter-viewRegularSpecials Incentives& High- lights 13. Quick Exercise 2 Organize into small groups of about 5 Have one leader who represents the org, one editor, and any additional people will be potential volunteer bloggers Quickly create: 1 goal for your blog10 Method and type of blog 1 incentive 2 types of blog post (guest, interview, etc.) 14. Go be Wonderful! Thank youso muchforattendingtoday! "Andthough I be Questions? but little, Iam fierce."Gratuitouscat photo 15. Resources Some good resources for you: Who Owns Copyright in Works by Volunteers? 6 Free Websites For Public Domain Images & Free Stock Photos Frogloop Care2s nonprofit marketing blog: HandsOn Network Beth Kanter the best nonprofit voice out there and if you readnothing else read her 16. Things I Wish Wed Gotten to Talk About Building an editorial calendar (good thoughts from Spin Sucks a great site-- Content Strategy an easy-to-follow process at and NTEN Your Top 10 Content Strategy Questions (Finally!) Answered You Need a Content Strategy (slideshare) Policy Database: The most complete listing of social media policies.Referenced by the worlds largest brands and agencies. Volunteer Blogger Agreements. Look at your own standard volunteeragreement and use it as a base. Tailor it with blogging specific expectationsand incentives. One sample at