How to Build a Thriving Community Around Your Business: A Talk by David Spinks

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<p>CMX Training: Fundamentals of Community Strategy </p> <p>How to Build a Thriving Community Around your Business</p> <p>David SpinksCEO, CMX Media</p> <p>@davidspinksWhat is a Community?A social unit (a group of three or more people) who share something in common, such as norms, values, identity, and often a sense of place... - Wikipedia</p> <p>@davidspinksYour business is a community.</p> <p>@davidspinksThere are multiple member groups contributing to your mission.</p> <p>Power UsersCustomers</p> <p>EmployeesFollowers</p> <p>@davidspinksHow can you maximize the value contributed by each level of membership?</p> <p>@davidspinksCollaboration: create a system for members to work together</p> <p>@davidspinksWhat collaborative systems can you create?Support experts answer questions for othersProduct experienced users provide ideas and feedback to improve the productAcquisition advocates spread the word about the productContent contributors create the content on your platformEngagement members connect with each which increases retention</p> <p>@davidspinks</p> <p>7</p> <p>Collaboration: create a system for members to work together+ Community: fuel engagement and activity in the system</p> <p>@davidspinksThe 10-Step Process to Launch a Thriving Community</p> <p>@davidspinks</p> <p>1. Identity2. Trust3. Participation4. RewardThe CMX Community Engagement Cycle</p> <p>@davidspinks</p> <p>10</p> <p>Phase 1: Build the Foundation</p> <p>Phase 2: Move to Scalable Solution</p> <p>@davidspinksPhase 1: Build the FoundationIdentify your first membersGet buy in for communityBring them together (ideally for live event)Ask for feedback and plan next eventRepeat, repeat, repeat</p> <p>1. Identity2. Trust3. Participation4. Reward</p> <p>@davidspinks</p> <p>12</p> <p>Phase 2: Move to Scalable PlatformIdentify ideal first members for new platformGet their buy inInvite first members and fuel participationCollect feedback and plan next stepsRepeat, repeat, repeat..</p> <p>1. Identity2. Trust3. Participation4. Reward</p> <p>@davidspinks</p> <p>13</p> <p>1. Identity2. Trust3. Participation4. RewardThe Community Commitment Curve</p> <p>@davidspinks</p> <p>14</p> <p>Thank you!David</p> <p>@davidspinks</p>