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This presentation is part of the workshop conducted at "ALIVE in Berlin". Workshop was conducted by Michal Szafranski, full-time blogger from Poland whose blog "Jak oszczedzac pieniadze" was awarded "The Most Inspiring Blog of the Year 2013". You can find it at


  • 1. AGENDA About me My blog growth phases How to Create content Promote Achieve balance Make money Monetization case studies Power of side effects

2. 90 minutesjust for You! 3. QUICK SURVEY Who is not blogging yet? Who has been blogging for over a year? Which topic is most interesting to you? How to write epic content How to make money blogging How to self promote How to be productive and keep a propermindset 4. Micha Szafraski Gabis husband and father of two Already over 40 Blogging about personal financeand money saving at Former journalist and BusinessDevelopment Director in IT 5. Whyam Ihere? 120 000 UU / month 17 004 fans on Facebook 15 695 e-mail subscribers 1052 RSS readers 185 blog posts 15 145 comments (average 80) Over 470 comments on themost popular post 27 podcast episodes 6. daadasdad 7. 2007 8. December 2007 9. 2008 10. 3 years of struggle 11. HOW TO START A BLOG? Pat Flynn Corbett Barr - Derek Halpern Michael Hyatt Chris Guillebeau Tom Ewer Cliff Ravenscraft Ramit Sethi Marie Forleo 12. THE POWER OF APODCAST 13. HOW TO BLOG? 14. LETS START!questions and objectives Can I blog? Can I be consistent? 2 posts weekly, 8 posts monthly Will my posts be useful to people? Will I and my blogging style be accepted by readers? Will I have fun with it? Will I feel fulfilled? Can I grow my blog to 10 000 UU / month by the end of 2012? 15. Dont overthink it! 16. ITS NOT OVERNIGHT SUCCESS 17. PHASE 1: BLOG LAUNCH!KEY FACTS July-September 2012 151 UU in July 1697 UU in August 2977 UU in September Crowded niche ~20 blogs Just writing useful, highquality, data-driven posts Excel calculators Newsletter + FacebookWHAT HAVE I DONE? Full financial transparency Begging for comments,newsletter signups, FB likes Making my blog a safeplace for commenters Belief that good contentbrings good discussions Marathon complete! 18. THE POWER OF APODCAST 19. 2009 2012 Link do historii nablogu z wzka domaratonuSeptember 2012 20. @PatFlynn 21. PHASE 2: GROWTH LEARNINGKEY FACTS WHAT HAVE I DONE? October December 2012 9776 UU in October 12 068 UU in November 12 147 UU in December Im starting to get noticed I feel the importance of mymessage First affiliate earnings Proof of concept complete! Lots of email discussions Who are my readers? What do they need? Why they are reading me? Experimenting with topics Real estate investing Monetization planning Difficult choice: grow orquit? 22. PHASE 3: HATERS & CRISISKEY FACTS WHAT HAVE I DONE? January March 2013 19 999 UU in January 20 119 UU in February 21 202 UU in March Hot discussion haters 400 comments Only 4 posts in January Broke 20k UU / month Case study of flat flip Series of 3 articles Podcasting A to Z course March: Podcast launch! My company launch! Made crazy goal: 100k UU /month by the end of 2013 23. Im leaving my job 24. PatFlynn 25. My story is ALIVE 26. Pat Flynn & CreativeLive 27. Ariadna photo z Gdaska 28. PHASE 4: MENTAL ROLLERCOASTERKEY FACTS WHAT HAVE I DONE? April June 2013 22 352 UU in April 24 717 UU in May 35 703 UU in June Podcast grows! Irregular episode publishing 1st anniversary Blog redesign Am I crazy? You wont succeed! Toxic people Nightmares Loneliness, no support! First TV & press appearance First meetings with bloggers I quit my job forblogging! PR-stunt First money and customers! 29. FIRST TV APPEARANCE 5 minutes on TV =1 day prep No quick conversions Position you as the expert Confidence boost! Tip: always exceedexpectations 30. PHASE 5: RESSURECTIONKEY FACTS WHAT HAVE I DONE? July September 2013 34 652 in July 36 773 in August 50 123 in September Im on my own 5-weeks job detox Traffic still grows! New lead magnet formy newsletter 23 Excel calculators pack Podcast with Pat Flynn Topics surveys for readers Trainings and workshops Earnings are better thanexpected and gainattention 31. NEWSLETTER STATSMay 2013:1192subscribersJuly 2013:2660subscribers 32. FACEBOOK FANPAGE STATSMay 2013:1375 likesMay 2014:17 004 likes 33. THE POWER OF APODCAST 34. My story is ALIVE Pawe Krzos Reader of my blog! He started running on the20th of July 2013 andlistened to my podcast! At the end of September hecompleted the marathonin 4:11:56 Michal, I was able to do itthanks to your inspiration 35. PHASE 6: THE EXPERTKEY FACTS WHAT HAVE I DONE? October December 2013 73 802 in October 77 224 in November 63 967 in December Missed my yearly goal of100k UU! Newsletter grows by 700signups / month I have found my own voiceand self-confidence! My October earnings reportmade me famous within theblogosphere 8 TV, radio and pressappearances in October! Attended Blog Forum biggest, yearly bloggers-onlyconference 36. BLOGGER EARNINGS Salary in Poland: Minimum = 560 USD / month Average = 1325 USD / month My monthly income report =6400 USD in October 2013 First blogger in Polanddisclosing earnings Im just starting 37. PHASE 7: BLOGGING STARKEY FACTS WHAT HAVE I DONE? January March 2014 100 809 UU in January! 123 931 UU in February 120 661 UU in March Establishment of PSBV Top 30 Most InfluentialBloggers in Poland Blog of the Yeardomination! 3 awards 2 readers meetups -#JOPlive Challenges: E-mail = 300-400 daily! Comments Cooperation opportunities First product development Giving back to the bloggingcommunity 38. PHASE 8: CONFERENCESKEY FACTS WHAT HAVE I DONE? April June 2014 111 117 UU in April 122 741 UU in May * Conferences: Blog Experts Mieszkanicznik realestate investors congress BIK Scoring conference ALIVE! Smart Investingconference with Partner #JOPlive in Sopot 39. HOW TOCREATE CONTENT 40. Expressive? 41. Do you have to be expressive? You have to have your own opinions and make themvisible but its not about you - its about your reader! You have to balance! People are interested in us, however they are not coming toread about us (unless we are a celebrity). A little bit of us is required for personal touch and personto person relation building We write for readers not for ourselves Surveys about topics that readers would like to read Posts that help readers make progress toward their goals 42. Consistency 43. BE PREDICTABLE Fixed schedule Blog posts twice a week, ie. Monday and Thursday Weekend is low-traffic time Publishing calendar Compensate light and heavy topics Let the reader know about blogging break! If you have a podcast, make it predictable too ie. twice a month 44. Be specific butdont tell everything Let readersimagination work!Mystery 45. Make them feel comfortable 46. Be human! 47. BE HUMAN Empathy Personal contact Help others Be the leader you would like to have Be natural - share both your successes and failures Inspire others, but go easy on the self promotion 48. Male or female?Student? Married?Children? Earnings?Lifestyle? Hobbies? What motivates him/her? Create your readerpersona / avatar Write for someonespecificWho is your reader? 49. Serve whole menu 50. DIFFERENT FORMS Standard blog post Discussion with other blogger Q&A answering reader question Book review Best links selection Posts series Monthly reports Interview Guest posts on your blog Contests 51. HOW TOGET TRAFFIC 52. 40% CONTENT CREATION60% MARKETING 53. Most media doesntbelong to us Google Facebook, Twitter, G+ RSS Mailing list! Reply to emails Comment on other blogs Guest posting40% CONTENT60% MARKETING 54. TRAFFIC SOURCES: 6 MONTHS42%21%13%14%8% 2% Organic searchDirectEmailReferralSocialOther 55. TIPS & TRICKS Custom-written newsletterwith a personal touch Several social mediamessages E-mail autoresponder withbest articles links A year ago on my blog ( 56. PICTURE MATTERS! 57. TRACK & ENGAGE! Check who is linking to you Trackbacks Google Analytics Google Alerts Check who is talking about you Engage Give back! Promote other goodcontent 58. BE EVERYWHERE! Blog your home base YouTube Podcast Social Media Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn, Google+ Traditional Media Conferences 59. HOW TO WORK WITH MEDIA? Great content first! Be accessible Reach out to journalists Document templates Bio, logo, blog description Script the talk Q&A Over deliver! Prepare info graphic 60. DOES MEDIA BRING TRAFFIC? 61. HOW TO BUILD / GAIN TRUST? Full financial transparency Spending reports Income reports My net worth Write Epic Shit! - Corbett Barr J Be human showing not only ups but also downs! Direct and open communication Every email is important! 62. Social proof 63. SOCIAL PROOF Chicken and the egg problem First comments People read when they seeothers are reading Trust is built thanks to: Your face User comments and opinions Other bloggers linking to you Media Contracts and references 64. SOCIAL PROOF Ask for opinions and use them Show surveys results Show your human face and gently disagree Promote your commenters and thankthem for feedback Make shareable content They share when it makes them smarterlooking and better Ask them to share Make it easy! ready to use tweets 65. HOW TOACHIEVEBALANCE 66. MINDSET Self-confidence and fear of failure Am I good enough? Am I making a difference? Imagine the worst case Overloading and burn-out Superhero syndrome Making connections Making ends meet 67. Most people look at your resultsand they say you have a great lifestyleWhat they dont see is the amount of work, sacrifices,difficult choices and uncertainty that are requiredto be able to live such a lifestylePassion is a trap! 68. Requires new set of skills 69. Build your team! 70. HOW TOMAKE MONEY 71. Blogger Products 72. BLOGGER PRODUCTS Affiliation Paid advertisement Sponsored posts Partnerships / Sponsorship Books Trainings (offline) 1:1 Consulting Group coaching Mentoring Brand licensing Your own online products Marketing support for others Public speaking Freelancing selling your skills: Writing Publishing in WordPress Photo research Social Media communication Analytics, data mining SEO 73. WHERE IS THE MONEY? First commercial cooperations: PC Format article = 400 USD (self marketing) PAYBACK workshop + post = 1650 USD Today: Sidebar Banner = 380-800 USD / month Podcast episode sponsorship = 330 USD Sponsored post = 2350 USD Trainings = 1000 3500 USD Affiliation = varies 100-2000 USD / month Non-standard cooperation Own online courses = in the development 74. BETTER TOGETHER Join forces with other bloggers 1+1 = 3 or more We show that we can cooperate We create better content We make our traffic grow 75. CASE STUDY 1 76. ELEMENTARZ INWESTORA 1 year-long educational project Series of posts about InvestingBasics step by step Two bloggers and two blogs Amateur = Micha Professional = Zbyszek 4 posts / month + podcast We were looking for one Partnerfor 80 000 USD / year andfailed! 77. SUCCESS! We pivoted in March First Partner in April 6900 USD Second Partner May-July 30 000 USD Conference on NationalStadium built for EURO2012 We have other Partnerswaiting 78. CASE STUDY 2 79. AUDIOBOOKS! Perfect target group sellsaudiobooks I have a podcast Branded collection ofbooks for JOP readersand listeners Special deal 50% or 25% discount Win-win-win 80. HOW TOAPPROACHBIG BRANDS 81. The Power of side effects 82. We all have the powerto change others lives 83. Summary Content is king! your contentdetermines how you will be perceived. Youhave 100% control over it! But Marketing is queen! even the bestcontent can be unnoticed if you wont let theworld know about it Be yourself and follow your heart thats your key differentiator Connect with inspiring people Catch the wave and open upfor side effects!Passionmakeshard workmeaningfulMicha Szafraski 84. Questions? 85. HOW TO START A BLOG? Pat Flynn Corbett Barr - Derek Halpern Michael Hyatt Chris Guillebeau Tom Ewer Cliff Ravenscraft Ramit Sethi Marie Forleo 86. NEXT STEPS Platform: Get Noticed in theNoisy World, Michael Hyatt Smart Passive Income, Pat Flynn Social Triggers, Derek Halpern 87. Micha Szafraskimichal@szafranscy.pl