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  1. 1. If you are looking to market your product or brand in the Social Media, then comes in mind a few networking sites. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest are a few of them on my personal list. But, what would be your strategy relationship in the B2B (Business to Business) choice which had helped me to grow my network by building the right connections. Only LinkedIn helps you to generate considered to be smaller than other Social networks. In comparison to other Social Media knowledge about their industry and they do not come in to this platform happenings. Most of the B2B Companies writes Blog provides you with more traffic and Above mentioned graph demonstrates Today LinkedIn counts over more than such a strong network of professionals all over the world how stay away from this network? 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 LinkedIn Company Blog Lead Generation of a B2B Company through oking to market your product or brand in the Social Media, then comes in mind a few Google+, Pinterest are a few of them on my personal list. ur strategy if you needed to improve your Business or to build a professional B2B (Business to Business) Industry? I personally recommend LinkedIn to be had helped me to grow my network by building the right connections. s you to generate over 80% of B2B leads than any other Social Media even smaller than other Social networks. In comparison to other Social Medias, LinkedIn users are looking to learn more about products, and they do not come in to this platform for sharing their personal ompanies writes Blogs to promote their business, but I strongly and leads in comparison to other channels if marketed properly demonstrates the power of LinkedIn. more than 400 Million Users, now that is something really amazing. With such a strong network of professionals all over the world how could someone serving B2B customers FaceBook Twitter Lead Generation of a B2B Company through Social Media's Lead Generation of a B2B Company through Social Medias oking to market your product or brand in the Social Media, then comes in mind a few build a professional I personally recommend LinkedIn to be the best other Social Media even though it is about products, gather for sharing their personal strongly believe LinkedIn er channels if marketed properly. now that is something really amazing. With could someone serving B2B customers Lead Generation of a B2B Company through Social
  2. 2. As I had mentioned LinkedIn to be the better choice for B2B customers to generate business, learn to educate your connections with your Industry value knowledge rather than directly reaching out your connections and selling out your products. LinkedIn doesnt suit you if you are looking to sell your products to Consumers. Key Points of using LinkedIn for Business: First start to grow your network on LinkedIn. We all know that professionals over the world join LinkedIn to build a smarter network which could directly benefit their business but before starting out to generate premium leads (which leads to Sales) learn to get connected to the right professional. I firmly believe that following this post would definitely help you build the right quality relationships and a bigger network on LinkedIn. 1. Determine with whom you should be trying to connect If you do some research on other sites and blog about how to market yourself on LinkedIn, most of them provide you with two opinions. First one is to reject the invitations of the request you receive from an unknown person or someone who is not right for your business, as it helps you to maintain your profile as high quality one. Unlike other networks LinkedIn doesnt have any kind of a limitation for the number of connections you make, so definitely it will not affect your results even if you have a large network of low quality connections. Second Opinion is to add as many as possible to improve your network and it seems you are more active in this platform. In my scenario I would definitely love to follow the second method: 1. Accept the Invitation even if you receive a request from someone from a different Industry, in future they could be of any help for you. 2. Even if the person is not the right for your industry, it doesnt mean that his connections are not. Getting connected with the person will show your profile higher on their connection searches, if you would have the noticed the link with People You May Know. 3. The higher your connections, you are more likely to be show up in the Most Viewed Profile which eventually leads to attract more connections.
  3. 3. Implement this following strategy before you start getting connected with people who you dont know well with just a few simple steps. Step #1- Learn to recognize spam profiles: Once you start hitting with a decent number of connections, your profile begins to receive a lot of Invitation requests. Many a times you might even receive requests from Spammers. So once you accept those connections you start getting promotional mailings about their products into your mailbox or through messaging platform of LinkedIn. These unwanted mails from your low quality connections may hurt you. There is a chance to lose your potential customers if they see that you are connected with the spammers. Its almost easy to identify these fake profiles. Always make it a point that before accepting a request from someone you dont know, review their profile. Spammers usually: Dont have profile pictures. They commonly use fake photos of attractive men or women. Use a company name instead of personal name. Use a logo instead of a profile photo. They have very limited information. Spammers commonly create hundreds of accounts at a time, which looks similar.
  4. 4. Just go through the invitation before you accept, you will be able to find the fake profile in just seconds.Just go through the invitation before you accept, you will be able to find the fake profile in just seconds.Just go through the invitation before you accept, you will be able to find the fake profile in just seconds.
  5. 5. Just reject such Invitations and then Step #2 Start by connecting After creating LinkedIn profile, worked. If you have a lot of experience potential connections if you are It is easy to build connections from Thats why its better to start getting Before building up connections with your Family, Friends and Your Profile would be reported you should be aware of before ge such Invitations and then move on... connecting with everyone you know: profile, start getting connected with the people whom experience you will get much connections, and it is are not familiar with LinkedIn yet. from 250 to 300 rather than 50 to 100. getting connected with people whom you know connections with the professionals from your industry, Colleagues. reported as spam if you send tons of invitations, this getting connected with the people you dont know. whom you have not easy to get . industry, get connected is the only thing know.
  6. 6. Step #3 Encourage people to connect in all possible places: As mentioned above LinkedIn is the best option for you to generate leads when it comes to B2B market, as it helps you straight out in getting connected to the right people who have been looking out for your product. Here I would like to show you an example on how to build both On and Off LinkedIn network. Add you LinkedIn profile link to your email signature and if you do send a lot of emails on regular basis you would be receiving new connections through this method. Next in your message make it very clear that why would you love to get connected to the person to whom you are sending out the Invite. Be clear and precise.
  7. 7. Finally add your LinkedIn profile to each and every page of your Blog
  8. 8. 2. Sharing content does Your goal should not be only on Prospects on the right time. One thing you have to do is to always When you make a post on LinkedIn, your posts are educational and informative Unlike other Social Media platforms your posts Share your posts at the right time: There is not much issue about the doesnt make any difference in driving more than drive traffic on building good relationships but to turn your always engage by posting or sharing contents on LinkedIn, it will be shown to your followers and connections, informative peoples start following you. platforms your followers over here at LinkedIn definitely time: the time when you post. Even though there is a driving traffic. connections into on LinkedIn. connections, and if definitely wont miss a best time, but it
  9. 9. The most important thing is you have to post regularly and engage your targeted audience in you post. Next what comes into mind is What do I Post? Although you can post about your personal job, or about something educated to tackle your targeted customers. The posts content should be interested to your targeted customers. You can post contents created by others, or share others contents. Benefit #1 You stay at the front of their minds: By regular posts you are right away positioning yourself as an expert in your industry. When you consistently posts about industry, your connections and followers sees it, so whenever they are looking a help from your industry definitely you name would be coming first in their mind. Lets consider that you are a fitness consultant. One of the person in your connection who had been working in this Industry is looking for a consultant who could help their customers stay fit. Guess what your post has done the magic? This method of content sharing is a strategy which pays you off in the long run.
  10. 10. Benefit #2 You drive traffic: When you post anything it immediately drive traffic towards your profile and if any external link given to your website or blogs. Your posts should be very useful and interesting to the people in your connections. If you copy others contents, you would not get more traffic and if its your own post you would get appreciation from you connections. Definitely you wont get benefits if you post others content. Benefit #3 You have the opportunity to engage: One important lesson that I had learned is to build a strong bonding with your connections. When you build a personal rapport with your connections, thats the time when these connections of yours turn into customers. If you need something necessary and you friend sells it; wont you go ahead and purchase it from him? Definitely, YES!!! So maintaining a professional relationship in personal level helps you to achieve your goal from LinkedIn.
  11. 11. And the right people are the ones who always likes you posts and who asks questions in your comments. Once you are able to start a conversation with them through the comment of your post you could also send invitations to them. Direct communications only improves the strength of relationship so avoid communicating private messages in the comment section rather starts a private conversation with them. Benefit #4 Some content will help you convert connections into customers: Some people may not know exactly what do you deal with. A good and valuable content will help you to educate more and more about your product. Do not continuously keep on posting about your product where you urge people to buy it but make it in such a way that the read should be both interesting and informational. Always try to educate your customers. It helps people to understand more about your expertise. 3. The one element of networking those LinkedIn users often forget If we go for a networking event we do make sure to distribute our business cards but sometimes it doesnt pays off. Have you ever wondered why? Dont get hurt, its quiet natural.
  12. 12. Its not the matter of meeting new people from your industry The best part is to build a relation with whom you meet. After a networking event you can send an e-mail or give them a call after the meeting. This is how you truly add someone to your network, and that person becomes someone you can contact when needed. How to do real networking on LinkedIn: Lot of attention should be focused on getting more connections from LinkedIn. Next step is to develop relationships with as many of those in your connections. Educating contents will help them. We already went through the benefits of content writing. Here are some tips to give value to your connections: Leave them a thoughtful comment on the posts they share. Share and like their posts. Send them direct messages asking them for your assistance. Now, lets say for an e.g. if someone post a question on LinkedIn regarding a problem that they face in regards to their work and is looking for a solution; wont you try to solve the problem if you know the answer to the solution by typing in the comment, if possible you could also try to create a video tutorial which is considered to be more expressive and informative. I strongly recommend you to sit the whole day by providing solutions to the problems faced by people in regards to their work for which you got the perfect answer if you are having above 500+ connections. 4. An underused area of LinkedIn for growing your network As I mentioned above High Quality connections can be build easily from LinkedIn. The only ways to find these types of connections are Groups. Marketers join Marketing groups, a Travel Guide joins Travel and Tourism groups, these peoples joins these groups to know garnish more knowledge and insights about their respective industry whether it be technology, news updates, latest trends etc. Groups are the easy way to connect with hundreds of people and a platform where you could easily get engaged with others.
  13. 13. Eventually conversations are converted to leads through these groups. How to use groups to expand your network and generate leads: If you create a group and request everyone to join, it would take a lot of work and time to build up. My opinion is to simply join in a large group which is already active as it becomes much easier than the above process to get followers and connections. To find these groups you can search for the topic on the search bar, or you can search for only for groups by picking the group option from the drop down menu to the left of the search bar. Please review the group posting before joining as some of these large groups are full of spammers and ultimately the posts that you share wont get any like or views from these groups.
  14. 14. So there is no use of joining in a group where you do not get any likes or comments for your posts. Join the group that have at least a comment or two on every article in the group. It shows that people in this group do communicate with healthy discussions and postings. Sometimes instead of joining larger groups, search for those groups that have less members and more post engagements.
  15. 15. This sales force group is having a few numbers of members but this group has more engagements. So you have to go through the posts engagements of ev...