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  • How To Build A Profitable List by Your IM Friend

    While many marketers often over-complicate the whole list building thing, its actually one of the easiest methods for creating

    profitable and long-term online business.

    If you never tried to build a list, it can seem like an overwhelming task, so I hope these 5 steps will reveal you how easy this method is

    and how profitable it can be.

    So, lets make some money, shall we?

    1. Choose your favorite niche. If you have your preferred niche, and you think you

    can make money in it, stick to that choice. You can do some basic keyword research to see how popular your chosen niche is, but with this method thats not the most important thing to do.

    If you dont have a preferred niche yet, then choose one. It can be something you are passionate about, something you like, one of your hobbies, or similar. Nowadays you can make money in almost any niche. It can be anything from scrapbooking to candle making. Or it can be related to your favorite sport or outdoor activity. Or it can be something you already have some expertise in, like programming, technology, money-saving or similar. If youre not sure which niche to pick, you can always go with something inside the 4 top markets: money, relationships, health and self-help. Just be sure to niche it down to something more specialized so you can have an easier job when picking your target audience. For example, if you choose to go with the money marketing, niche it down to making money at home, stock investing for beginners, home budgeting or forex trading.

  • If you decide to enter the relationships market, again do your best to niche it down to something like: how to pick up girls, get your ex back, save your marriage, etc. In health market some ideas could be: fitness for moms, diets during pregnancy, healthy eating, and so on. In self-help market some good niches would be: improve productivity, body energy boost, improve your memory, stop procrastinating, etc.

    2. Create a helpful giveaway content. Your next step is to identify one of most

    common problems in your niche and create an interesting, helpful and useful content to give away in exchange for visitors email address. This giveaway content can be in various formats. It can be a report, an ebook, video or audio material, free membership program, online course - whatever you find appropriate for you to create and for your target audience to digest. What I found that works the best are 3 types of giveaway content: list-styled reports, video tutorials and online courses. List-styled reports are basically short ebooks compiled as a list of tips around one particular subject, like: 21 ways to stop smoking, 11 ways to get more Facebook fans, Top 10 weight loss tips, and so on. It seems that people like this type of content, which is also proven by popularity of list-styled blog posts. If you check it out, you will see that list-styled posts usually have the biggest number of shares, likes and comments, and usually rank pretty high on search engines. Another good type of giveaway content are video tutorials. Videos are one of the most popular media types these days so its no wonder that people like to get good video tutorials. In this context videos can be made to talk about one subject, like one tip related to your niche, but they can also be made as a list of tips, similar to the content that would be included in list-styled reports. And finally, there are online courses which are great choice because they usually have big perceptive value. Many people are already bored with reports and ebooks; some of them dont have time to watch long videos, and e-courses seem like a great value.

  • The best thing is: online courses can be easily made from the same content you would include in any report or ebook, or even in a video. It would also be great to combine textual content with videos when creating online courses, in which case videos can be short and straight to the point, and everything else can be covered with textual content. And, online courses can nowadays be easily and quickly created with services like, previously

    3. Create your high-converting squeeze page. This is probably the most important

    part of the whole system. You want to have a squeeze page with conversion rate higher than 30%, which means that from 100 visitors who see your squeeze page 30 of them actually sign up for your offer.

    There are many ways how to create a high-converting squeeze page, but in general you want to have a catchy headline, smaller headline that would explain people what to do, and a strong call-to-action in form of a subscribe button. Feel free to download and read my other report: How To Create A Highly Converting Squeeze Pages in which I go through all the steps of creating a squeeze page that converts at 50% or more. To make your life easier and creation of awesome squeeze page easier, consider getting an account with ClickFunnels, currently the #1 tool for creating all types of marketing pages. ClickFunnels allow you to create squeeze pages, sales pages and all types of landing pages. Plus, it hosts all those pages for you, provides you with split testing options, great instant site builder (you dont need to know HTML and other techie stuff) and much more.

    4. Get quality and professional autoresponder account. This is another important

    part of successful, long-term and profitable list building and email marketing based business. Your mailing list is actually your most important online asset. You wouldnt want to put your life in hands of a bad and un-experienced doctor just because hes cheap, right? Then why would you want to host your mailing list with bad, unsafe and unprofessional autoresponder tool just because its cheap?

  • For several years now my first choice for autoresponder is GetResponse, and I highly recommend you to host all your lists with them. Thousands of marketers are using them already as, at the moment, they are definitely the #1 autoresponder on the market.

    5. Drive traffic to your squeeze page. The fact is, you cant build a list or make money

    online if your pages dont get any visitors (also known as traffic). Thats why our final step is to drive some traffic to our squeeze page. Now, there are basically two types of traffic: free and paid, and both have its own pros and cons. Free traffic is not actually free. It will cost you lot of time and effort, and it will take lot of time before showing any type of results. By free traffic we basically mean visitors that come from Google search pages, forums, eventually social media pages, and all other sources that dont require you to pay money. Paid traffic basically means paid advertising. There are many sites where you can pay for your ad to show, like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Youtube Ads, and so on. What I recommend you is actually to pay for traffic. Thats the fastest way to get people to your squeeze page and present them with your offer, get those subscribers and actually make some money. Now, while many paid advertising options could be a waste of time and money, I strongly recommend you to go with Facebook Ads. They are fairly cheap and can be highly targeted to your specific (and wanted) audience. Plus, Facebook has over a billion of users so you can get a fair amount of visitors quickly. If you need help with setting up a good and effective Facebook ad, feel free to check this awesome course.

    How To Monetize Your List We said a lot of things already but we didnt touch probably the most important part - how to make money with this system. So I guess it would be the best to do that right now. I have a list of couple of ways how to monetize your list and make money from it as soon as possible, starting from the moment when someone subscribes to your list:

  • 1. Add a self-liquidating offer to your funnel. This means that your subscribers will be presented with a special one-time offer right after they hit that Subscribe button. Marketers love to do this in order to cover their cost of getting traffic. Since youre using paid advertising to get visitors to your squeeze page, you need some way of monetizing them as soon as possible to cover your advertising cost. So called self-liquidating offers are usually a good way to do that. They are usually offers related to your niche, which means your visitors could like it, and they usually cost somewhere from $7 to $97, based on what your target audience is ready to spend. This can be your own product (report, ebook, video course, audio, online course, etc.), or you can use related affiliate product and present it as a special one-time offer. I personally dont like to use these self-liquidating offers and show them to my new and fresh subscribers because I think they add a type of negative stigma on me and my business, like that Im just trying to squeeze money out of their pocket immediately. I dont like when other marketers try to do that with me, so I dont like to do that in my own business. But its definitely up to you to decide what youre going to do in your own business.

    2. Add affiliate links to your giveaway content. Maybe the easiest way to make

    money from your new subscribers is to add affiliate links in your giveaway content. Some of your new subscribers will click on those links and hopefully buy a product youre promoting, in which case youre making money. The best way to do that is to structure your giveaway content in a special way. We already said that your goal should be to find a specific problem your niche or target audience has. Then you should present your solution to that problem in your giveaway content, whatever it is, a report, ebook, video or anything else. Now, what you can do to make money from your new subscribers is to find a product that solves their problem, and your giveaway content is actually a pre-sell material for that product. In other words, in your report (or whatever your giveaway content is) you will describe a possible solution for their problem, but then you will say that there is even a better way to solve it - and thats a product youre promoting. Then you put your affiliate link on which people will click, some of them will buy it and you will make money.

  • For example, if you are my target audience and I know your biggest problem is how to build a profitable list, I would present you with my solution and list of steps you need to do in order to build your profitable list. Then, I would include affiliate links to products and tools that I think would help you, like I did in this report with ClickFunnels and GetResponse. See how it works? When you click on those links and get your accounts with both services (or one of them), I will make money. And thats how affiliate marketing works. Now I could give away this report to my subscribers and make money whenever some of them decide to purchase these tools.

    3. Monetize your thank you and download pages. I know that many marketers

    today preach the use of single opt-in lists and often redirect their subscribers directly to some type of one-time offer, but I think its stupid to throw away two pages from your funnel which could make you money.

    In general, thank you page is one that subscribers will see right after they opt-in. On this page we can tell them that they need to check their inbox and confirm their subscription. Also, we can include our money links, for either our own products or affiliate products, like on the example below:

    Download page is page on which our subscribers will be able to download their free gift, or on which they will receive more information on how to obtain their gift. This page again can contain our money links and make us more money. Here is an example:

  • There is definitely no reason why you shouldnt use these pages to make more money from your funnel. Links on these pages can always lead to your special deals or one-time offers, or to your click-banking partners and traffic swaps, or you can simply use them to better connect with your subscribers by sharing a personal video, story or more information about yourself and your business.

    4. Write promotional emails and send them to your list. The basic way for making

    money with your list is email marketing. Thats why we build our list and that should be our main way of making money. While you can definitely make some money with one-time offers to your subscribers, or money links on your pages, most of your profit will come from your emails. You can write promotional emails for your own products or for affiliate products. It doesnt matter. What matter is that your emails should be written in a friendly tone with intention to get high click through rates and conversions. Thats why we said that one of the most important parts of list building is to build a relationship with your subscribers. And thats why you shouldnt send promo after promo to your list. Be smart and combine your promotional emails with content-packed and helpful emails. Make your subscribers believe that youre their friend, someone who they can trust, someone they can rely to. Once you do that, your clickthrough rates will get high and you will be able to generate more sales.

    5. Teach your subscribers to buy from you. Related to the previous advice, you

    should do your best to turn your subscribers into a friendly community and teach them to some habits that would make you money.

  • I saw couple of marketers do this in a great and clever way. Not only that they are doing everything they can to become online friends with their subscribers, but they also put a lot of effort to create things that only their tribe will understand. For example, several marketers are doing a great job on celebrating holidays with their subscribers by offering them special deals for Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, Hanuka, birthdays, or whatever holiday there is. By doing that, they are building a habit of buying among their subscribers. Another example is special day of the week for discounted deals or free stuff. I havent seen many marketers do that, but some of those who use this approach are doing great. You could, for example, teach your subscribers that every Monday there will be a Freebie Monday when you will send them something useful and helpful for free. You could also teach them that youre having a Bargain Friday when you will send them some type of special deal, discounted item, coupon code or whatever special to them. By doing this you will basically teach them to buy from you on those days, so you can expect to make money every Friday while building up their trust and relationship with them every Monday (or any other day of the week).

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    As we already said, having your own list of people interested in your niche or subject is of huge importance for your online success. In general, every subscriber is worth anywhere between $1 to $10 per month, based on the quality of the list, niche, your marketing methods, copywriting abilities, spending habits in chosen niche, etc. So, do the math for yourself. Having a 1,000 subscribers can mean earning anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 per month, based on the things we have said earlier. In other words, it is in your own interest to start building your mailing list as soon as possible. Now, logically, you cant have your own list if you dont have your own autoresponder account. Autoresponder service is one that will allow you to host and manage your list, do email marketing, create automatic follow-up series, send email messages to your list, and more. Its no secret that my favorite autoresponder service is GetResponse. I have tried many other services, from Aweber and iContact to several attempts of having my

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