How to Build a Great Team"

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Post on 18-Jun-2015




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Short article by Don MacNaughton of Zoned In Performance on how to use team building strategy from the sports world in the corporate arena.


  • 1. businessHOW TOBUILD AGREATTEAMFeedback:Reaching goals is rather like going on aWORDS DONALD MACNAUGHTONjourney. You know the destinationand youve a good idea of the route butBe clear about your goals:sometimes you may need to adapt orGreat teams, rather like good wine, take time to mature. Instantteamwork might sound like every leadersA team needs to know where its going.The goal needs to be clearly statedchange things a little in order to get towhere you want to go. Thats wherefeedback comes in. Every team needs thedream, but part of the point of creatingand easily understood. It also needs to betime and space to step back, look ata good team is the journey it takes tosomething everyone believes in. what progress has been made towardsget there.And it needs to be a goal you can easilythe goal and what may need to beThere are, however, some vitalmeasure as this helps bring clarity, focusdifferent in the light of changingingredients you need in a team. Leave and a sense of achievement. circumstances.these ingredients out and youll have abland, uninteresting recipe.Strengths in differences: Enjoy the moment:Here are some key things to consider ifyou want a team which performs at its Some of the most effective teams areAlways value success and take time topeak time after time. made up of the most unlikely mix of appreciate the people who have madepersonalities and characters. There isthe journey to that point possible. SavourGreat leadership: strength in diversity and its howthat moment as a team becausethose different strengths are utilisedsooner or later some fresh goals willEvery team needs a good leader. This is which can create a team with real come along with some differentnot necessarily the person with the impact. challenges and the journey will begin allgreatest skills, the biggest personality orAnother important factor is fostering aover again. Ithe loudest voice! A leader is always spirit of collaboration and discovering thesomeone who has followers, is able to conditions that allow winning teamworkimpart vision in an inclusive rather an to emerge. This takes time which is why For more details contact Donald atexclusive way and brings out the very making space for conversations in a Tel: 01463 795888 or email:best in people. variety of contexts is so important.donald@zonedinperformance.com28the north magazine