How To Build A Custom Blog To Promote Your Affiliate Offers

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A step by step comprehensive walk-through of creating your own high converting website and blog from scratch!


  • 1. To Build A Custom Blog To Promote Your Affiliate OffersCameronBarkeWant To Build A Custom High Converting Blog For Your Affiliate Offers? Heres How!I get approached daily with people asking me things like:Cam how can I build a website like yours,Cameron, I am starting out online and need some guidance,Hey man, I see you have a website, how did you do itthe questions go on and onIts not a bad thing, it just shows there is a demand for the knowledge I have.I am going to be releasing that knowledge to you right now, for free!In hindsight, I probably shouldnt be doing this for free. I could easily charge 1,000$ for it, and Im not just sayingthatI have a friend who charges 40,000$ for private client trainings on the subject, and many many many others whobuild websites for clients starting at 4,000$ thats for a bare minimum website as well, 4k is the base to just getstartedThe training you will receive, cost me thousands of dollars, and countless of hours of trial/error until I dialed it in, andhave what you see now!I will be walking you through, step by step, click by click HOW to do it, and replicate my results!

2. Do not worry if you are not the most computer literate person on the planet, this involves no coding! YayBefore we dive into this, I want to cover 3 key conceptsLets Begin!Key Concept #1.First I want to say, that I NEVER build ANYTHING without thinking about the long-term. I read a book, you may haveheard of it, its called Buffetology. It is written by Warren Buffets Ex-Daughter In-law, and she had an inside look intothe world of the most decorated investor of our lives. The main point I took away from that book, and the lessons I wasable to learn from Warren, is looking at a stock from a business stand point, and for the LONG-TERM.See, most people have a microwave thinking. They expect a switch to flip, and everything will be perfect. Take a pill,and all your problems go away. That thinking has translated into business, where people want the quick fix, or they gowith what is the cheapest solution, sacrificing long-term growth in the process. They cheap out to save a buck, butlose in the long run.With all that being said, I will never train/teach/or take on a concept if I do not see its long-term potential.Key Concept #2.What you are about to learn, is about building an asset that will pay you for as long as the internet is around. This is atruly do the work once and continue to get paid scenario.This isnt microwave thinking, you dont make one blog post and get paid for it!This isnt working a job, let go of that thinking. Work an hour get paid an hour doesnt happen here!You may work at this for 100 hours and not see 1 cent! Thats the life of a businessman or woman.But, you are not concerned about short term fulfillment like Warren Buffet we are interested in the long-term returns.Those 100 hours you worked building out content, blogging, marketing, backlinking etc will pay its dividends. Youllstart seeing people coming onto your site as traffic, and the better you get at converting that traffic into a sale, themore $$ you will earn!*hint*hint*If you were paying attention, I just gave you the formula to wealth online.Traffic (times) conversions = $$$$$The AMAZING thing about this entire concept, anything you post on the internet, and keep there is thereFOREVER.Heres an example: Lets say you have 1,000 posts out there on the interwebs somewhere, all bringing 1 person aday onto your website. That is 1,000 visits a day. Out of that 1,000 people, lets say 2 of them decided to purchasewhat you are selling. (2 is a small number). That is 2 sales a day, for doing the work once cool isnt it?!Key Concept #3.The concept of You IncIn the training below, I go over the notion of building your own brand around the offers you promote.This is paramount!This concept alone will place you ahead of 99% of marketers out there.Without Further Adieu 3. How To Build A Custom Blog To Promote Your Affiliate Offers!(CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO TRAINING )***All links to the resources you need are below, simply click the images***1) WordPress.(GET WORDPRESS CLICK HERE)2) Web Hosting.(GET WP-ENGINE CLICK HERE) 4. 3) Custom Domain Name.(GET GO-DADDY CLICK HERE)4) Custom Theme Setup.(GET OPTIMIZE PRESS CLICK HERE)Conclusion.There you are, a step by step instructional walk-through of building your own custom made blog!If you would like to see one of the biggest offers on the table today where you can drive all that new found traffic.Check this out right here!Take it and run with it