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If you are the type of person who isnt very interested in sports, life can be difficult. Much of conversations among adults consists of commenting about the most recent football or basketball game. Find out whats going on in this article!


<ul><li><p>How to Become a Sports Fan If you are the type of person who isnt very interested </p><p>in sports, life can be difficult. Much of conversations </p><p>among adults consists of commenting about the most </p><p>recent football or basketball game. </p><p>If you know nothing about sports, it can be easy to </p><p>feel left out when people are discussing them. Maybe </p><p>you do not have an interest in sports, or maybe you </p><p>are simply indifferent. </p><p>Whatever the case may be, you dont know very </p><p>much about sports. If you have an interest in </p><p>becoming more knowledgeable about sports, however, all hope is not lost. </p><p>Although you may have grown up in a household or with parents that didnt care about sports, there are </p><p>still ways to become a sports fan. All you have to do is have a healthy curiosity and a healthy amount of </p><p>interest. </p><p>Find What Interests You First, youll need to pick a sport that interests you. You do not have to pick a mainstream sport like </p><p>football or basketball, but keep in mind that these are the sports that most people will be talking about. </p><p>If your main focus is to be able to join in the sports conversation, you may want to pick one of these </p><p>more common sports. However, you do not have to choose a mainstream sport. </p><p>Lets say you choose basketball. The next thing youll want to do is learn the basic rules and regulations </p><p>for the sport of basketball. </p><p>You can do this by looking up the rules of basketball online, or checking out a few books at the library. </p><p>The more time and effort you spend researching and learning about the sport, the more knowledge you </p><p>will gain. </p><p>Youll also want to watch actual basketball games on </p><p>TV. It may seem overwhelming at first, because there </p><p>are so many different basketball games on. </p><p>Narrowing Down One way to narrow down which games you watch is </p><p>to pick a league you want to focus on. Many people </p><p>are fans of the NBA, the National Basketball </p></li><li><p>Association, because they enjoy watching professional teams. </p><p>On the other hand, many people enjoy watching college basketball as well. It is all based on personal </p><p>preference. </p><p>Getting Dressed for the Occasion College basketball can be more fun to watch because you can root for the college that you attended. If </p><p>you, for example, attended Florida State University, you could attend their basketball games and wear </p><p>Florida State apparel, proving that youre a real fan. </p><p>Everyone else will be wearing Florida State apparel as well, so you will fit right in. It helps to pick a team </p><p>to support based on where you live, so you can attend games more often. </p><p>Once you get into the habit of attending games and find that you enjoy it, becoming a real sports fan will </p><p>become easier and easier. Talk with people around you at the games; try to make friends. </p><p>This will help you to build a network of sports friends that you can talk to and converse with. Always be </p><p>sharpening your knowledge of the game, and youll be well on your way to becoming a real, true sports </p><p>fan. </p><p> Photo Credit: Werner Kunz, Paolo Margari </p></li></ul>